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How much does the inauguration of the president of the United States cost, and who pays for it

In just a couple of weeks, the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States awaits us. This luxurious event - a symbol of the peaceful transfer of presidential power - is quite expensive.

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Donald Trump's presidential oath ceremony on January 20, 2017 cost $ 200 million, writes Cosmopolitan. This amount included official parties and dinners, a concert, the oath at the Capitol, a parade, an inaugural score, all the police and military who provided security at these events.

About 70 million were covered by private donors, the rest was taken from the budget, that is, from taxpayers' money.

This ceremony takes place every four years, and each time critics say that the inauguration is expensive. In fact, both Republicans and Democrats pay the same price for a president to take office, given inflation, which raises the face value of the ceremony.

For whose money is the holiday

The amount is divided into two parts: one of them is covered by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, the second - by the taxpayers.

The committee pays for everything related to the oath and glamorous events around it, including a dinner with the president and vice president, a meeting with government officials, a concert, and an inaugural score. The cost of attending this event ranges from $ 25 to $ 1 million, depending on the locations donors would like to receive.

Donations from lobbyists are not accepted, corporations can donate up to $ 1 million, there are no restrictions for individuals. The name of anyone who contributes more than $ 200 must be released to the public by the Federal Election Commission within 90 days of the inauguration.

Due to inflation, the cost of inauguration is constantly rising.

How much did previous inaugurations cost?

For the first inauguration of President Barack Obama in 2009, his committee raised a record $ 53 million in private donations, although the president-elect then refused to accept money from lobbyists, corporations or political organizations and limited the amount of donations from individuals to $ 50.

In 2013, after the most expensive presidential campaign in US history, the Obama committee raised $ 44 million, authorized corporate donations, and raised the cap on individual donations to $ 250.

These numbers echo with previous inaugurations. The George W. Bush Committee raised about $ 40 million in 2001 and $ 42 million in 2005; Bill Clinton's inaugural committee received $ 33 million in 1993 and $ 30 million in 1997. George W. Bush raised $ 30 million in 1989, and the Ronald Reagan committee received $ 19 million in 1981 and $ 20 million in 1985.

The oath itself costs about $ 1 million and is paid by the government. The price includes the construction of a stage and a festive breakfast.

But most of the money is spent on security, transportation and emergency services. Security Services spent $ 115 million in 2005 and $ 124 million in 2009.

At the same time, despite the significant expenses, the inauguration is a source of profit, since it attracts a huge number of tourists to Washington to watch this action.

What will happen in 2021

President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration committee has announced it is working with the Joint Congressional Inaugural Committee. This collaboration should ensure that the ceremony honors "sacred American traditions while ensuring the safety of Americans and preventing the spread of COVID-19."

On January 20, the committee said Joe Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris will be sworn in at the Capitol with "strict health and safety protocols," followed by Biden's inaugural speech.

"The geography of the ceremony will be extremely limited, and the concept of the subsequent parade will be rethought," the committee added and urged Americans to stay at home during the Biden inauguration celebrations and watch the ceremony on TV.

Usually this event is attended by about 200 thousand people, and this year their number will be limited to members of Congress.

“For the 59th Inauguration Ceremony, invitations to members of the 117th Congress will be limited to their own tickets and one additional guest per person,” the statement said.

The committee promised to work on "expanding opportunities for viewing the ceremony online in addition to traditional television broadcasting."

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