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How much you need to earn to be considered 'rich' in different states

Most people dreamed of ever becoming rich. It is difficult not to envy the rich, as they move through life without the stress and anxiety caused by financial troubles. However, the dream of being among the highest paid in the country can vary greatly from state to state.

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Company GOBankingRates interviewed over 5000 Americans to find out what level of annual income makes them “rich.” Respondents chose one of six options:

  • 100 000 dollars or more,
  • 200 000 dollars or more,
  • 500 000 dollars or more,
  • 1 million dollars or more,
  • 5 million dollars or more
  • and 10 million dollars or more.

In a separate study, GOBankingRates, based on an analysis of the 2017 Census Bureau of the year, found out what pre-tax income a family should receive in order to be among the 5% of the richest households in each state. The results show that across the country, Americans have a different view of wealth.


Income to enter the top 5%: $ 250 000

Income to become rich: 1 million dollars

Even if you get an annual salary of 1 a million dollars, which the Californians believe makes you rich, it probably won't last long if you live there. California one of the most expensive states to live in.

Columbia region

Income to enter the top 5%: $ 250 000

Income to become rich: 200 000 dollars or more

There is an unusually low perception of what can be qualified as wealth.

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Income to enter the top 5%: $ 196 433

Income to become rich: $ 500 000 or more

Although the state of Florida as a whole had a lower perception of wealth than most, there are certainly very wealthy, high-income people in this state.


Income to enter the top 5%: $ 227 304

Income to become rich: 1 million dollars

Illinois residents are certainly not used to wealth: more than 17% of respondents said that for them, wealth is from 5 million dollars or more.

New Jersey

Income to enter the top 5%: $ 250 000

Income to become rich: 1 million dollars

New York

Income to enter the top 5%: $ 250 000

Income to become rich: $ 500 000 or more

The fact that New Yorkers were among the 10 states for which $ 1 million is wealth may seem odd considering how wealthy New Yorkers are. This is due to the fact that New York City has the highest level of income inequality in a country other than Washington D.C.

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