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How much to tea for housewives in the USA and when it is better not to do it

It can be difficult to understand whether people coming to your house should give a tip in order to do this or that job. It turns out that there are special rules for answering this question. To avoid an awkward situation, follow the advice of an etiquette consultant.

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Редакция Money reached out to the Boston-based etiquette consultant Jodie Smith and she explained how to proceed. According to Smith, “tips” is an acronym for “to insure prompt service”. For this service to be truly immediate, it is especially important to tip the people who will be returning to your home again.

As a general rule, tips are optional, says Smith. But still, when it comes to people who care for your home and things, it can be extremely desirable. But there are cases where employees may be offended by such a proposal.

Here are the recommendations of Smith:

Do not offer tips skilled craftsmen or technicianssuch as plumbers, electricians, painters, alarm systems, handymen, piano tuners or repairmen.

“It's like trying to tip a doctor or teacher,” Smith says. "These people are well-paid professionals and tips can offend them."

If you want to reward a professional who regularly conducts exemplary service, give him a nice gift, such as a bottle of wine or a jar of gourmet cookies.

On the subject: How and how much to leave for tea: basic rules

Let's tea lawnmower teams, snowplow drivers, fuel truck drivers and sprinkler service technicians, but only if you are dealing with employees, not business owners (and only if you see the same people coming every time).

Don't offer tips during their work in any way. It is optimal to make such an offer once a year, as close to the holidays as possible.

“Offer a cold drink, a cup of coffee, and a bathroom throughout the year,” Smith says.

UPS / Fede postal operators and driversx must not take cash in accordance with agency and company policies. But this does not mean that they will not do this, in addition, they are allowed to receive small gifts.

If you offer tea to several employees, try to have small bills with you, so that you can evenly distribute them among the recipients. If you have a large denomination or check, give it to one of them for all. Or announce that you give a tip, calling the amount (with all they must hear).

Tip amount depends largely on where you live.

“If you live in a small five-story building without an elevator, it's appropriate to give the doorman $ 50 over the holidays,” Smith says. "In multi-storey apartment buildings, the normal amount can be up to $ 5000."

Between these amounts any options are possible. In general, Smith recommends giving every worker from 5 to 10 dollars for fast work and from 20 to 25 dollars for larger projects.

On the subject: How much and to whom should be tipped in the USA

Food delivery - a special case.

“I always tip them,” Smith says. "Offer them $ 5 for a pizza delivery and they will come to you first, even if you are the last on their list."

Movers also a special case. If they load a truck during the day, and then deliver it all the other day, be sure to give them a tip at the end of both days.

“The people loading the truck may not be the ones to unload the next day, and they handle all of your belongings,” Smith says. "So you want them to be happy."

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