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The scandal around Biden: the media talked about the meeting of the lawyer trump with a man Zelensky

Trump's lawyer is interested in the possible actions of Ukrainian officials to the detriment of the election campaign of the current US president in 2016.

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Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudolf Giuliani again called on the Ukrainian authorities to investigate political opponents of the US president, the New York Times reported.

The newspaper writes that in the past few weeks, Giuliani was talking on the phone and had a personal meeting in Madrid with a senior representative of the new president of Ukraine, urging Kiev to expedite the investigation of two issues that are of great interest to Trump.

Rudolph Giuliani. Photo: video frame Fox News

One of them is to find out if Ukrainian officials made any efforts to harm the election campaign of Trump in 2016, the newspaper writes.

In addition, it is proposed to establish whether there is any inappropriate connection between the diplomatic efforts of former US Vice President Joseph Biden in Ukraine and the role played by his son in a gas company in this country.

On the subject: Biden forced the President of Ukraine to dismiss the Prosecutor General to cover up the corrupt actions of his son

Giuliani said that he acts on his own behalf as a private person, with the knowledge and assistance of the Department of State, the New York Times points out. He did not say whether Trump endorsed this work and whether he knew about it at all.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • 9 May it became known that Rudy Giuliani intends to visit Kiev and meet there with the elected president of the country.
  • However, two days later, the lawyer stated that canceled visit due to “trump's enemies” surrounded by Zelensky.
  • Team elected President of Ukraine stated that Giuliani “misled”, and blamed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko for this.
  • Earlier, Giuliani has repeatedly stated that the origins of the idea of ​​Trump's conspiracy with Russia, which eventually turned out to be fake, may be in Ukraine. And in the process of creating this idea, not the last role was played by the administration of Barack Obama and personally by the Vice-President Joe Biden, who tried to cover up his son's corruption equipment in Ukraine.
  • Despite the fact that the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have collected a large amount of information about violations and corruption of democrats, US investigative agencies have not yet shown interest in this data.

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