Nuclear War Simulator: NukeMap Shows What Happens If You Throw Atomic Bomb On Any City In The World

In light of recent events in the world and due to the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is constantly threatening nuclear weapons, the nuclear explosion simulator NukeMap, created back in 2012, is becoming popular again. Edition told how to use it.

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The simulator allows you to choose the location of the explosion, as well as many other settings. 

Come on simulator website from a laptop or desktop computer - on mobile devices, the selection of the area does not work well.

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To choose the place of the explosion, it is enough to put a dot on the map or choose from a ready-made list - then the alleged explosion will "happen" in the city center.

In addition to the location, you can specify the number of kilotons of the charge, or choose from the most popular bombs, such as the one that was dropped on Hiroshima, or the Soviet "Tsar Bomb".

Recall that the power of Russian tactical nuclear weapons is from 0,3 kilotons of TNT equivalent.

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For greater accuracy, it is possible to select even wind speed and other parameters.

Despite the different threats and everything that happens, let this be the only interaction with a nuclear weapon in your entire life.

We checked how the explosion of the most powerful nuclear bomb of the Russian Federation in New York, that is, the so-called tsar bomb, would look like:

Screenshot: Nuclearsecrecy

And the strongest US bomb Castle Bravo in Moscow:

Screenshot: Nuclearsecrecy

As well as the tactical nuclear bomb of the Russian Federation "Topol" in Kyiv:

Screenshot: Nuclearsecrecy

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