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Symptoms as with COVID-19: in Colorado, a woman was diagnosed with a rare deadly virus

The woman assumed that she had COVID-19, as the symptoms were similar. But after visiting the hospital, she learned that she had an extremely rare and often fatal disease - hantavirus. The publication told more about this. MyFox8.

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Sue Ryan thinks she is lucky to stay alive after several hospital visits in October.

“I had a high fever and headaches,” Ryan said.

Ryan said her symptoms began a few days after the Colorado trek. She was tested for COVID-19, which turned out to be negative, but her symptoms only worsened.

“I had little oxygen in my blood. I went to the hospital thinking I had COVID-19, but the test was negative, ”Ryan said.

After a second trip to the hospital, medical experts tested Ryan for several influenza viruses before a pulmonologist determined Ryan was diagnosed as a rare hantavirus.

“I had fluid in my lungs and around my heart,” Ryan said. - Due to the fact that this disease happens so rarely, I was just shocked. I actually contracted the hantavirus and did not die. "

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According to the CDC, hantavirus spreads through the air through rodent droppings or rodent fluids.

Medical experts don't know where Ryan contracted the Hantavirus, but Ryan wants others to know the disease is circulating in Colorado.

“You may not have COVID-19,” Ryan said. "If you suspect you are near rodents, tell your doctor."

The CDC reports that symptoms of the hantavirus can include fatigue, fever, body aches, and stomach problems. Colorado has reported 1993 cases of hantavirus since 151, according to UCHealth.

“I am very grateful to our doctors and the medical system for identifying him,” Ryan said. "I was lucky to survive."

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