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States of the USA, where Russians are best treated: impressions of an immigrant

Author of the channel "Trips on the shelves" on "Yandex.Zen" shared her own impressions of which American states are good at treating newcomers and immigrants from Russia. Further - from the first person.

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The United States and Russia perceive each other with distrust, this is a fact. And there are reasons for this. This is pure politics, but it leaves its mark on the attitude of Americans and Russians towards each other. It's no secret that Americans think we are "ignorant (read: stupid) and aggressive." However, this attitude towards Russians in American society is already changing and in the future, we hope, will disappear for good. Today I will share with you which states of the United States treat Russian people best.

New York

In this state, the city of New York is located, which is considered the "gateway" to the United States, because almost all international flights arrive here. A lot of people who decide to move to America for their dream settle in New York. This also applies to Russians: a huge Russian-speaking community lives in New York. True, the "indigenous" New Yorkers treat Russians the same as everyone else: they are rather indifferent. Well, at least they don't run around with pitchforks and torches!

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Texas is a very wealthy state, with a third of all American oil and gas reserves located here. And this is a key factor in the good attitude of local residents towards Russians, because Russia is an oil and gas superpower, whatever you say! Therefore, Texans perceive Russians as "business partners" from whom they can learn something. Some residents, however, regard Russians as competitors rather than partners ...


And this region has become a real discovery for me! I would never have thought that the locals treat the Russian people with respect and kindness. In Colorado, as in New York, there is a large Russian community, and the locals are very nice, so Russians feel great here. But the main reason is not even that. Colorado is considered one of the smartest, most educated and intelligent states in the United States. But the smarter a person is, the better he understands that people should not be at enmity with each other.

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California is America's “think tank”, with the largest concentration of scientists, geniuses, researchers and businessmen per square kilometer. It is research and development and business that bring the state an unprecedented economic rise and attract unthinkable amounts of money here. But the funny thing is that a huge number of California "brains" are Russian speakers. Now it is clear why we are so loved here!

Original column published on the blog. "Trips on the shelves" on "Yandex.Zen"

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