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States with the most expensive and cheapest public colleges

Future college students looking for a low-cost public education should pay attention to West Virginia.

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According to an analysis by HeyTutor, West Virginia has the most affordable public colleges with an average net price of a year of study of 10 389 dollars, writes Fox Business.

The net price used in the study is the price taking into account the average grants or scholarships received by the student. Researchers subtracted their amount from the average college cost declared by the college.

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Meanwhile, New Hampshire was recognized as the state with the most expensive public colleges, the average net price of a year of study there is 22 090 dollars.

At the same time, the average US net price of a year of study at a state university is 14 558 dollars, which is about 72% of the average declared tuition.

HeyTutor studied prices at public colleges with 4-year education programs, excluding schools where only online education is available. The price was taken the full cost of the year of study for students from the state in which the college is located. The average cost of training in each state was determined based on data from the Integrated Database of Higher Education (NCES-IPEDS) of the National Center for Educational Statistics, as well as the State Association of Higher Education Executives for the 2016-2017 academic year (the latest available data).

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To determine the average net price, HeyTutor subtracted the average amount of the grant or scholarship from the total cost of training and estimated the results of each state.

States with the most expensive public colleges:

  • New Hampshire - Average net price of a year of study: $ 22 090
  • Pennsylvania - $ 21 130
  • Vermont - $ 18 591
  • Massachusetts - $ 18 416
  • South Carolina - $ 18 179
  • Ohio - $ 17 927
  • Colorado - $ 17 783
  • Virginia - $ 17 638
  • Connecticut - $ 17 320
  • South Dakota - $ 17 151

States with the most affordable public colleges:

  • West Virginia - Average net price of a year of study: $ 10 389
  • New Mexico - $ 10 877
  • Alaska - $ 11 340
  • New York - $ 11 393
  • Indiana - $ 11 755
  • Utah - $ 12 254
  • California - $ 12 336
  • North Carolina - $ 12 542
  • Washington - $ 12 830
  • Texas - $ 12 838
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