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A student from Kazakhstan created a program that helps to enter the best American universities

Arsen Kylyshbek, a 17-year-old student from Astana, decided to ease the painful process of finding a university for applicants. He developed an online platform where, together with the team, he collected information about US and European universities, admission conditions, study features, etc. The accuracy of calculating the chance of entering a university is 96%, and the time to search for a university is reduced from 2-3 months to a minimum, informs

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Platform is intended for those who are going to apply to universities in Kazakhstan, and to universities in the USA and Europe, but have not yet decided on the choice of an alma mater.

“The purpose of our platform is to help you find the right university. We have developed a machine learning algorithm that, based on thousands of data, gives the user, that is, the applicant, a ready-made list of universities. At the same time, the wishes of the student are taken into account - the specialty of interest to him, the country where he wants to study, etc. We also provide online consultation services from students of the world's top universities, for example, we have consultants from Princeton University,” said Arsen Kylyshbek.

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The potential audience of the project is students of 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th grades. In a word, everyone who is already thinking about choosing a university.

“The members of our team and I talked with future applicants. They admitted that they spent several months choosing a university - looking for all the necessary information, studying a huge number of sites. There is a lot of information and it is really difficult to make a choice. While working on the project, we qualified all the information, and now the process of choosing a university takes not 2-3 months, as before, but several minutes. The system works like this: you enter your data and it gives you a list of universities where you could go, taking into account the results of language tests, etc.,” Arsen Kylyshbek shared the details.

Now the platform database contains information about almost 200 US universities and universities from 16 European countries. Universities of the USA, Germany and Italy are very popular among Kazakhstani applicants.

Arsen Kylyshbek notes that almost every student dreams of being in Harvard, Stanford and other well-known alma maters.

“On the site you can study the history of the university, description of the university, location, climate of the country. We came up with this project with the team, first of all, based on personal experience. Once, at a meeting with friends, we discussed which universities we would enter. Of course, almost every one of us wants to go to Stanford, but not everyone knows if he has a chance to enroll in this university. And we thought: after all, this problem can be solved and started developing the platform. We immediately attracted investments from a Kazakh company, which invested in us at the idea stage,” said Arsen.

The creative team of the project plans to add other universities to the database, enter new markets and countries. While they are working with Kazakhstani applicants.

The online platform was launched in April. During this time, more than 300 people have passed tests and found suitable universities. Now the guys have over 1,5 thousand pre-orders. In the future, they want to add such a service as choosing the most optimal path for entering a university.

“If an applicant sees that he has not very high chances to enter a certain university, our algorithm can build a whole number for him to enter this educational institution. For example, to improve certain indicators, to improve knowledge in specific disciplines,” the author of the project specified.

Arsen Kylyshbek is the winner of Olympiads in Physics and Programming. He has been involved in startup projects since the age of 14, and has been studying programming since the 4th grade. Now he is focused on the study of data science, the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning. He shared how, as a schoolboy, to turn his favorite hobby into a job and profession with income.

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“When I came to the field of startups, I realized that childhood was over: it was time to develop discipline, get up on time, strictly follow the daily routine, be responsible for your project with full responsibility, learn to negotiate. My father made a great contribution to my development, he has a lot of experience in doing business. Together with him, we developed a business plan for the implementation of start-up projects. We remember that after the pandemic, large-scale digitalization began, the online services market expanded, and many innovative solutions appeared. At that time, we studied at school online, and there was more time for self-development after school,” recalls the Astana resident.

Arsen gave advice to guys who want to try their hand at startup projects.

“You have to be brave, no matter how old you are. If you have an idea, immediately start development without wasting time. Someone may not steal, but repeat this idea and your market share will be taken. Start-up activities can be combined with studies,” he believes.

His team includes three co-founders of the project, his classmates are Arsen Raev, Asanali Kaliev, Danai Dikhanbaev.
“They are strong in design, marketing, finance. There are 9 of us in the team,” he added.

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