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New York School Helps Get Medical Profession From Scratch: September 9 Begins New Recruitment

The US labor market is on the rise now - it's time to think about a new job and increase your income. In America, you can get a prestigious high-paying job not only after several years of college, but also after short-term courses at a vocational school. This is especially beneficial for immigrants, because in just a few months you can master the knowledge that opens the way to a career in a promising industry. One of these is medicine. Medical workers in the USA are always needed, and they get a good salary. Employment experts predict that employment in this area will only grow.

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Professional school Institute of Career Continuity in New York, it has been helping its students for several years to start a career in the medical field and has already established itself among students and employers.

A new student enrollment starts at 9 September. The educational institution offers training in medical specialties that are in demand on the labor market for reasonable money and for a fairly short period of time - from three weeks to six months (depending on the chosen course). Moreover, regardless of whether you previously worked in the medical field or not.

How to become a Medical Assistant

One of the most popular courses in Institute of Career Continuity is a specialty of medical assistant (Medical Assistant). At the moment, only in New York almost 4 of thousands of vacancies are open for them. Such professionals can earn up to $ 50 000 per year.

Medical assistants can perform both clinical and administrative functions. For example, medical assistants assist licensed nurses and doctors in assessing the condition of patients, examinations, obtaining laboratory samples, performing electrocardiograms, advising patients about their treatment process, and much more. With the necessary qualifications, medical assistants can also be assigned to perform important administrative tasks, such as billing and electronic medical records management.

Accordingly, the school Institute of Career Continuity offers two programs for obtaining the specialty of medical assistant:

  1. Clinical Medical Assistant. The program involves 540 hours of training, including 150-hour clinical practice. The emphasis is on teaching students precisely clinical skills.
  2. Medical assistant for clinical and administrative parts (Medical Assistants - Administrative and Clinical). This program is designed for 900 hours, including 276 hours of clinical practice. It focuses not only on clinical, but also administrative skills.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will receive an extensive knowledge base and specific professional skills needed to work in the field of health. A key element of the program is the internship, which will finally prepare the student for work.

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In addition, during the passage of the Medical Assistant program at ICC, you will, in fact, be given knowledge and prepared to receive not one, but six certificates at once:

  1. Medical Assistant (CCMA)
  2. Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)
  3. EKG Technician (CET)
  4. Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA)
  5. Electronic Health Records (CEHRS)
  6. Billing and CodingSpecialist (CBCS).

Accordingly, you will have a wide choice of specialization, which will greatly simplify the search for work and employment.

Exam Preparation for Nursing (RN)

Another profession, which in recent years has been featured in almost all the lists of the most promising and highly paid, is the position of nurse (RN). In order to get the right to work as a nurse in the USA, you must pass the NCLEX-RN exam (National Examination for a Certified Nurse License). It is standardized and allows work in all states of the USA. Passing it is not an easy task; in 2018, approximately 25% of applicants did not pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

Therefore, ICC has developed the NCLEX-RN Exam Preparation course, during which students prepare for this exam. In the classroom, students become familiar with strategies specifically designed for this comprehensive exam. The course also includes an overview of most of the subjects that prospective nurses study in colleges, but their mastery at school does not require several years of study.

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About school

The Institute of Career Continuity offers several more training programs in various fields of medicine, as well as an English as a Second Language course, where you can pull up your English. A more detailed description of the programs is available at Online schools.

To register for courses in Institute of Career Continuity, you must provide an identity card (ID), school certificate or a diploma of higher education, as well as pass a special test for knowledge of English CELSA.

School classes are held in the morning and evening hours, as well as on weekends, so that everyone can choose a convenient time for themselves. At the end of the course, students will pass an exam, according to the results of which they will receive a certificate.

But after that the school will not leave them. Graduates will be helped to prepare a resume and will be consulted on how to behave in an interview so that the job search process is as fast and efficient as possible.

A special pride of the school is the textbooks that students receive for free. They collected all the best that is known in the field of teaching in a particular specialty. Textbooks were written by special consultants, and book content was certified by the New York State Department of Education.

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