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“Pay for training only after going to work or don’t pay at all if you are not getting a job in a specialty.” Think it's too good to be true? This is the model that the testers school offers., which testifies to her confidence in the success of her graduates in the fields of Manual Testing (according to the US labor market, the average salary in this industry is $ 70-100 thousand per year) and Test Automation (more than $ 115 000 per year).

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For example, JobEasy does not charge at all for a Test Automation course before going to work. If the graduate is not employed in the field in which he studied, then you do not need to pay a cent for the course. The Manual Tester course follows approximately the same model - students pay for the course only after they go to work in their specialty, with the exception of the registration fee ($ 499), which must be paid after the third free lesson if the student wants to continue studying.

Considering that other schools take up to $ 5 000 at the start of training, the offer is very different from competitors and much more attractive for students who want to try their hand at a new field for them.

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No other QA school currently uses this approach. There are only schools of programmers like Lambda School that offer a similar model. In fact, such schools are a combination of an educational institution and an investment fund, which is invested in students and is ready to bear the corresponding risks if the graduate decides not to get a job in QA or does not make enough effort to go to work.

“If all colleges had such a model as ours, when they are paid for education only after students go to work in their specialty, then we would not have so much talk about why education often does not prepare students for real life , and only overloads with unnecessary theory, says Max Glubochansky, co-founder of JobEasy. It is also a great opportunity for poor students to afford a really high-quality education. I hope that over time, more and more educational institutions will switch to a similar model. ”

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Currently JobEasy offers testers courses in two areas:

Every month of the 14 day, students are enrolled in the course Manual Tester (QA Engineer). Payment - after employment. If the graduate is not employed in the field of QA, then there is no need to pay for the entire course (only $ 499 for registration after the third free lesson). The Manual Testing course lasts 4 weeks and has already proven its success and effectiveness. Many students have already received offers to work with salaries of up to 95 000 dollars per year for full time and up to 50 dollars per hour under the contract.

From 22 September, the school launches the course Test automation on even more favorable terms - no registration fees (if after training you cannot find a job, the course is completely free). The first set will take place on September 22, then they will be held once every 2 of the month. Mastering the Test Automation course in Python, judging by the labor market, will allow you to earn more than 115 thousand dollars a year.

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In the near future, JobEasy is also planning courses for programmers and project managers on the same model as its QA courses.

You can sign up for Manual and Automation courses here:

“At first, we didn’t take anything for the Manual Testing course, but the number of applicants was so great (because it’s relatively easy to learn, the course lasts only 4 weeks and does not require any programming skills) that we decided to introduce a registration fee to create a small entry threshold and work only with the most motivated students. Test Automation course, in general, we come with a $ 0 registration fee. Students pay us only after they come to work at Test Automation, but the course itself is more complex and longer (more than 2 months, you need to learn at least the basic principles of programming), so there is no such huge influx of students, ”Max Glubochansky explained.

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Edition Forbes put Software Quality Assurance (SQA or just QA) in second place in the ranking of Happiest Jobs in the United States. With the growth of the IT sector, the demand for specialists rises, salaries increase, working conditions improve, therefore more and more people are interested in the possibilities of obtaining professions in the field of IT in general, and QA in particular. Demand creates supply, and the choice of testers' courses in the USA is very wide, but there are at least 7 reasons why you should choose training in JobEasy:

  1. Intensive training for an early exit to work with a sufficient number of practical tasks and the passage of this practice. Students after completing the course are fully prepared for the work of the tester.
  2. Online training, where you can communicate live with teachers, provides an excellent opportunity to get a quality education for residents of any state. It is also possible to study at the office of the school, which is located in the city of San Jose, California, if one of the students is more comfortable with this option.
  3. Payment for training is carried out after going to work. Students who do not go to work in QA do not pay the full cost of the course - in this case, you need to pay only the registration fee: $ 499 for manual and $ 0 for automation. But he is not taken from the first lesson, but after several free lessons that will allow you to understand whether you want to continue training as a tester.
  4. After training, JobEasy students do not remain left to their own devices in a new segment of the labor market. The school’s specialists will help you prepare a resume with the right keywords, which will ensure its delivery in the top search results for recruiters and guarantee a large number of job offers with job seekers.
  5. A lot of internship and the implementation of real work tasks in companies during training allow graduates after graduation to receive references, which greatly help in finding a job and are an important addition to the resume. Graduates of JobEasy courses enter the labor market as mid-level specialists with an excellent base, and not as beginners.
  6. Individual approach during and outside the lessons. School teachers provide support to students even after completing the course, advising them until the moment they get to work, because the institution is financially interested in the success of each of its graduates.
  7. All JobEasy teachers are QA specialists / managers and they hire people themselves. Among them:
  • Max GlubochanskyWith over 6 years of QA experience with Apple, Intel and other Silicon Valley companies.
  • Natalia Atif - QA-leader with more than 9 years of experience in such giants of the IT industry as Intel, Apple and others.
  • Gennady Darer - Director of QA with 20 years of experience in PayPal and several other companies in Silicon Valley.
  • Lana Levinson - Specialist in all areas of manual and automated testing with 7 years of experience.
  • Maxim Gusakov - A high-class IT specialist with 15 years of experience in programming and managing international projects.

During the selection for courses it is necessary to pass a small interview, which includes the following requirements:

  • sufficient level of English (training is conducted in English);
  • work permit in the United States;
  • adequate approach to job search.

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The school has been operating since April 2019, but has already gained popularity and a good reputation. JobEasy graduates got their first jobs at companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, SalesForce and others.

Sign up for a course, see alumni reviews and get more information at Online.

The next Manual QA course begins on September 14. Courses begin every month on the 14 day. The Test Automation course starts on September 22, then new sets will be held once every 2 of the month. The first three lessons are completely free, without any obligation on the part of the student.

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