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Shirley Temple 21 century: is it easy to be a star in the United States, when you just 12

This girl is known in America as the second Shirley Temple. Vasilisa Seneko was born in the USA, her dad is American, and her mother is a Russian ballerina. It was she who first saw the similarity of her daughter with the legendary actress and created her the image “under Shirley”, with which she became famous. During her 12 years, Vasilisa managed to perform on the Walk of Stars in Hollywood, at the world famous Apollo Theater in New York, play the main role in the Off-Broadway production and even take part in the show “Best of All!” Hosted by Maxim Galkin on Channel One. But the young actress is not going to stop there - and now she is preparing for a casting for a role in a Hollywood film and on the show “America's got talent”.

Vasilisa Seneko with Maxim Galkin. Photo from the archive of Vasilisa Seneko

12-year-old Vasilisa, who was born in the United States, chirps in Russian vigorously and without an accent. I am surprised to ask my mother how she managed to keep the language for her daughter.

- I always spoke Russian with her, and in the summer we often leave for Russia - and we go to the outback, communicate with people, there people are more real ...

- Oh, I remember, there was such a river - and I'm from the bungee there uhhh! And swam with ducks, fish, - interrupts mother Vasilisa, laughing loudly. - And then there was still mud - and I emerged from under it and sang “I am watery, I am watery!

Photo from the archive of Vasilisa Seneko

With three years on stage

Vasilisa always sings. Iulia, herself a ballet dancer in the past, saw her daughter's talent right away. She remembers: they put the first number when the girl was only three years old. “It was a dance. Of course, what can you do there in three years? But she danced very sweetly. It was evident that she had a rumor that she was good on stage - this is the most important thing. And I decided to develop it. Vasilisa is my third child, but the older ones, no matter how much I tried to bring them onto the stage, resisted. Daughter Taisia ​​graduated from Boston University with a degree in Psychology. Son George is studying in Florida, he is a future pilot. And I really wanted some kind of continuation of my own, after all, at one time I graduated from the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, I spent many years on the professional stage, worked with children, and so I wanted one of my children to come to this magical world ”.

Photo from the archive of Vasilisa Seneko

The search for the image began. At first, Vasilisa danced Russian dances, at the age of 5 she went to a modeling agency - but there the lively and active girl was bored. And then one day, while watching old American films, they saw Shirley Temple - and the life of the family turned upside down.

“As I remember now, it was the movie“ Curly Top ”- I looked at Shirley, then at Vasilisa, then at Shirley - and, my God, it's the same face!” - says Julia with rapture. Vasilisa nods back, shaking her curls. Mom understood: here it is, the image created for Vasya. They put one number, then another. As a result, all this resulted in an hour program.

The approach to the image was serious - for example, all dresses for Vasilisa were made to order. And for one number it was even necessary to make a life-size puppet, the size of Vasilisa, with whom she danced. The result is a decent retro wardrobe and props. “In one of the videos, she changes her costumes 6 times!” - says mom. But it was worth it.

Hollywood's "Home Girl"

Shirley Temple is an American actress, the youngest Oscar winner. Born April 23, 1928 in Santa Monica, California, USA. She began filming at the age of three, and at the age of six she was already contracted by the Fox Film Corporation - and in the same year she received an Oscar for the lead role in the film Bright Eyes (1934). During the Great Depression, the talented girl became the main earner for the film studio. By 1940, Temple had starred in 43 films; however, as Shirley grew older, her career began to decline and she eventually left the cinema and devoted herself to social activities, was the US representative to the UN, the US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia, served as chief of the administration protocol President Gerald Ford. On February 11, 2014, Shirley Temple passed away at the age of 86.

“Shirley Temple, I saw you on TV!”

“We started thinking about where it could be shown. And they decided to do a good deed - they began to travel to nursing homes. Because Shirley is their story, this is their childhood, youth. They simply kissed Vasilisa's hands! ”- says Iulia. Vasya picks up: “Oh, yes, I remember before the concert we were in one of them and I walked through the hall and my grandmother stopped me and said:“ Oh, Shirley Temple, I saw you on TV! Thank you very much, you bring me so much joy! That was great".

In the House of Veterans of the scene after the concert. Photo from the archive of Vasilisa Seneko

Shirley-Vasilisa was in great demand. In total - 37 charity concerts. Almost every month, my daughter and her mother traveled around America: they performed in California, and in New Jersey, and in New York. In parallel with this - they did not forget about the big stage - the girl sang on the Walk of Stars in Hollywood, played in the theater "Apollo" and staged at Off-Broadway, now and again she took part in different programs, and not only in the USA, but also in Russia, for example, in “Best of All” by Maxim Galkin. In addition, Vasilisa studied and continues to study theater and cinema in New York and Hollywood at the Institute of Theater and Cinema (The Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute).

The talented girl celebrated 90 years of Shirley on American TV, in particular, she participated in projects with the Edward Morgan ballet troupe. Edward Morgan himself, after working with Vasilisa, presented her with a postcard with the inscription “The best girl actress I have met”.

Vasilisa also gave a solo concert at the House of Stage Veterans in St. Petersburg, took part in the program “Persona-grata” on the NTV-America channel, performed at the Broadway Comedy Club, and the stories about Vasilisa were included in the book of the famous Dutch novelist Pia de Jong (“Pia's Amerika”), after the publication of which Vasya became known not only in America and Russia, but also in Europe. All projects are hard to count.

To get to know Shirley better, Vasya and his mother even traveled to her homeland, Santa Monica. The house where Shirley Temple was born is preserved there. “When we were at her grave, I came up and felt as if her spirit had blessed me: go ahead and become an actress! And then we were on the Avenue of Stars and found Shirley's star there - and next to it was an empty one! And I said: oh, this is my star! Look, this is for me! ” - says Vasya.

Vasilisa Seneko near the star Shirley Temple at the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. Photo from the archive of Vasilisa Seneko

Is there life after Shirley

The image was so successful that it quickly brought Vasilisa to the local stars. She even played on Off-Broadway as Shirley Temple. But the girl grew up and it became more and more clear - it was time to look for something of their own. This is now the most difficult choice for Vasilisa and her mother.

“You see, she has wonderful vocal skills, she even sang in Opera America. But I'm not sure what to make an opera diva out of her, it seems to me, in her case, it is necessary to develop acting skills in combination with vocals, ”says Iulia.

Vasilisa surrounded by her family. In the center - a portrait of Julia's mother performed by her eldest daughter Taisia. Photo from the archive of Vasilisa Seneko

Now they have found a new vocal teacher - one of the stars of the Metropolitan. “Because such talented children should learn from great teachers - after all, only they will be able to appreciate talent, not break either their psyche or their voice.

Minus pizza plus tennis

But mother and daughter still cannot decide what the girl should focus on. Now Vasilisa is preparing for “America's got talent”.

“I really like being an actress, but I also like singing and being on stage! My biggest dream: to act in a movie! ”- say Vasilisa and reveals the secret: she may soon have such a chance. In Hollywood, they are going to shoot a fairy tale in which a star constellation of actors will play. One of the main roles will be a 13-year-old girl. Under the image of which Vasya just falls - but the producers set her strict conditions before the casting - to lose weight over the summer.

Aria of the Olympia Doll From the Opera "Hoffmann's Tales". Photo from the archive of Vasilisa Seneko

Now, for the sake of art, Vasya has to go to tennis three times a week and give up his favorite pizza. “I run, swim, twirl a hoop, jump on a rope, - lists Vasilisa, - I'm ready for anything to get into a fairy tale!”

The family is not only dreaming about Hollywood - the house in Princeton, where Vasilisa now lives with her parents, has long been put up for sale, and as soon as they manage to finish things here, Seneko are ready to move closer to the dream industry.

Photo from the archive of Vasilisa Seneko

Hollywood, a shelter for dogs and human envy

Vasilisa and mom are sure that if you live where world cinema is made, you will certainly be able to build a career in this area. Vasya willingly tells how he sees himself 15 years later: “Well, I definitely live in Hollywood and am filming some interesting film. I also take pictures - this is my hobby even now. I also want to open a shelter for stray dogs! We have a dog Daisy - when it rains I often look outside and I feel sorry for the stray dogs. And I also feel sorry for people who do not have a home! We had projects where we fed the homeless on the streets of New York - on Easter and Christmas. I remember that I gave a hat to one of the homeless people, and he said: no one has ever congratulated me like that! Now I have nothing more expensive than this hat! And he cried, and I hugged and kissed him - I will remember this for the rest of my life! "

Mom only adds to her daughter's dreams: a family would be good, because without a family, everything else is not important. Julia herself, although she looks tired, is full of determination. The truth is admitted: to be a mother of a star oh how difficult it is. Not at all because of the tours and new numbers - because of human envy. She says that the more the daughter becomes recognizable, the more often they face outright hostility. Since then, Julia has acquired a lawyer to defend her daughter in case of attacks.

And although Vasilisa's mother is sure that her place is in Hollywood, the main thing for her is not her daughter's “stardom”. “I want her to be a kind, merciful, fair person. I see that she has a huge loving heart - she will never pass by crying. I think this is the most important thing. "

However, with such an attitude as Shirley Temple of the 21st century, one can believe that Hollywood will submit to her. And even innermost dreams will come true: to play with Tom Hanks, see Mr. Bean alive and finally talk to Nick Vuychich, from whom Vasilisa learns not to lose her fighting spirit.

Vasya and his mother continue to look for an image for a young actress and are ready to work with new musicians, producers and teachers - therefore, they are completely open for cooperation.

Photo from the archive of Vasilisa Seneko


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