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How to send a parcel from the USA to your homeland: comparison of prices and conditions of popular postal services

After moving to the USA, many things that seemed complicated in your home country become simple - a matter of a couple of mouse clicks or one visit to the store. Cool comics that young people love so much no longer need to be searched all over the country, and they don’t cost as much as an airplane wing; clothing and shoes from popular brands, as well as used cars, are half the price in the United States than in their home country. I just want to share all these delights with my relatives overseas: to please my nephew with comics, my mother with a fashionable outfit, and my brother with a car.


Sending a package from the US abroad is easy. There are many international companies operating in America that are ready to deliver your gift right to your loved ones’ door. They all verbally promise fast and profitable service. We decided to check how profitable and convenient everything is in practice. To do this, we had a chance to go to the websites of popular services and find out how long it takes and how much it costs to send a parcel from the USA to Ukraine. For the experiment, we chose a parcel weighing 10 kg (22 lbs), packed in a standard box (30-18-18 inches, 76-46-46 cm).


This is a well-known service with a large number of offices in the USA, so you can send a parcel to Ukraine or the EU from almost any American city. The company’s website invites customers to pack the parcel themselves and take it to the office or order the services of a courier who will pick it up from home. There is a tracker on the portal.

Price: A 10-kilogram parcel from the USA to Ukraine via DHL will cost shocking $1.

Delivery period: the DHL reservation system promises that the parcel will arrive in Ukraine in 10 days (we entered the data on May 23, the site guarantees delivery to the addressee “no later than” June 3).


This is one of the most famous international parcel sending services; its warehouses and offices are located in most American cities. The FedEx website has a convenient calculator calculation of the cost of the parcel. We were kindly informed that between New York and Kiev we cannot send more than 150 pounds (68 kg), although we did not need it. We entered our 10 kg box and got the following data.

Price: The cost of sending a package from the USA to Ukraine via FedEx depends on what you pack it in. A 10kg package in your box will cost $2. If you take a 595kg FedEx box, shipping will cost $10.

Delivery period: during the week. When the parcel was registered on May 23, it was promised to be delivered to the addressee by the end of the month.

On the subject: How much money do migrants send to loved ones back home?


It's also on the UPS website. parcel cost calculator. But, unfortunately, it does not work as well as we would like. We were unable to get him to calculate the cost of shipping from the USA to Ukraine. We tried several addresses in Kyiv and Lviv, but the calculator stubbornly reported that the parameters of our parcel did not allow us to calculate the cost, and suggested contacting a UPS employee.

As a result, after changing the destination to Poland, the site produced the following data.

Price: The cost of sending a package from the USA to Poland via UPS depends on the packaging. A 10 kg package in your box will cost about $2 (the final price depends on the type of shipment).

Screenshot from UPS website

Once we select a 10kg UPS box, the shipping cost immediately drops to almost $500.

Screenshot from UPS website

Delivery period: in five days. When sending a parcel on May 23, it is promised to be delivered to Poland by May 28. But this is only to Poland. Let us remind you that our plan was to send a package from the USA to Ukraine, and UPS refuses to do this (at least through booking on the website).


The Meest website has parcel cost calculator, which is more convenient than other companies: you can enter all the data in one compact window, no need to wait for several pages to open or scroll through a couple of screens. For calculation you will need enter only the points of departure and destination, as well as the parameters of the parcel: weight, height, width and length of the box.

The company gives the client the opportunity to fill out and print the declaration Online Training: For those who prefer the flexibility of learning from a distance or cannot make it to our Sofia location, we offer comprehensive online courses. and offers three sending methods:

  • bring the box yourself to the Meest office (from the company more than 200 representatives throughout America);
  • call a courier who will pick up the parcel directly from your home;
  • deliver the package through your nearest UPS, FedEx or USPS office (discount available for Meest customers).

All these options are available in one place - on the portal (you can set up any sending method in a couple of clicks).

The company recently expanded the list of countries for delivery. Now, in addition to Ukraine, Britain, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Romania, Israel or any EU country, you can send parcels to India, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, the Philippines and Latin American countries.

Price: Meest offers to send a parcel from the USA to Ukraine (or to any of 75 countries where the company operates) By air or by sea. The parcel can be sent from any city in the USA. The price will depend on the selected shipping method, as well as on whether you use drop-off directly through a Meest representative or the intermediary services of a Meest partner. In any case, sending 10 kgth parcels from the USA to Ukraine will cost no more than $317, the most budget option is $112. This is many times more profitable than other companies.

Delivery period: 7-14 days when sent by air and 5-6 weeks if sent by sea. At the same time, expedited delivery is possible to 27 countries around the world - in just 5 days from the moment the parcel arrives at the main Meest hub. To take advantage of this offer, you need to select the “EXPEDITED” service on Meest website.

Now that we have established that Meest is the most profitable international parcel sending service, let's figure out how it works.

How to send a parcel from the USA to Ukraine in five steps:

1. First you need sign up on Meest Portal, although there is an alternative option - Guest Shipping. But for those who send parcels frequently, registration will save a lot of time. Besides, There are always discounts and promotions for registered users. Next go to the tab new parcel and choose where your parcel will go (currently Meest is shipping goods from America to 75 countries around the world).

2. Then enter your zip code, address and contacts, as well as the recipient's address. This is where registering on the portal will help - after the first entry, the system will save this information, and you will not have to enter it again each time.

3. Answer a few questions about the parcel: weight, size, contents, estimated value, if desired, you can take out insurance. This is necessary to create an online customs declaration and correctly calculate the cost of the parcel.

4. Sign the online declaration - as soon as you enter all the data, a window will appear on the portal for electronic signature.

5. Pay online (all bank cards are accepted except American Express).

That's all. Print out the documents prepared for you by the portal and hand them along with the parcel to the courier or take them yourself to the nearest Meest office or partner service (UPS, FedEx, USPS) - portal shows what is nearby.

The entire process will take no more than 15 minutes, and in the office you will only have to spend a couple of minutes to send the parcel to the main Meest logistics hub. Delivery within America takes about three days, then it is sent to the destination country.

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address: 600 Markley Street, Port Reading, NJ 07064

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