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Six items worth stocking up on before the alarmists sell out

Ahead of winter, the United States is registering about 150 new cases of COVID-000 per day. These numbers are much higher than they were in March and April, when Americans panicked to buy and stockpile toilet paper, bottled water and boxed pasta. What 19 products do Americans buy in large quantities now? Grow.

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The infection rate is expected to continue to rise, with experts predicting re-isolation is not far off. To prepare for it, many Americans start stocking up on food to make quarantine a little more comfortable.

“This is not the panic-driven reaction we saw earlier this year, but consumers are definitely starting to stock up again, or at least thinking about it,” says Julia Ramhold, consumer analyst at “Some fear that the goods they need will be sold out. But there are fears that if there is another surge in infection, then shopping in the store will again become not entirely safe. "

Buying stock now, rather than weeks later, can help you get the products you want and reduce fears of long delivery delays or visiting a crowded store and putting yourself at risk of contracting the virus.

Here are six of the top-selling grocery items as Americans prepare for the winter in isolation.

Canned soup

“If you're hoping to fill your pantry with canned soup to ease the winter, remember that stocks may run out,” says Ramhold.

At Walmart, a pack of eight cans of tomato soup costs $ 7,14, and a pack of Campbell's chicken noodle soup costs $ 6,93.

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The main ingredients of the soup were also in demand. “That doesn't mean you have to buy a bunch of fresh vegetables. Just make sure you have a good supply of dried spices, stock broth and canned vegetables, ”the analyst advises.

At Costco, you can get six 32 oz (950 ml) cans of Kirkland Organic Chicken Broth for $ 11,79.

Pumpkin preserves and other baking supplies

Baking goods are starting to sell quickly again, but it will be difficult to find more than yeast and flour at this time of year. “It has been the year of bread so far, but as people prepare for a possible second isolation, they are expanding their quarantine preferences and trying to stockpile desserts,” she clarified.

Add traditional holiday baked goods to your diet, but sugar and canned pumpkin can be hard to find.

While there is really no shortage of pumpkin, retailers are starting to restrict the purchase of canned pumpkin, says Ramhold: “The farmers were forced to plant the pumpkin later than usual, so the crop ripens later than usual. Add to that the race to avoid possible re-isolation and it becomes clear why retailers are being cautious. ” For example, according to a Trib Live report, the Giant Eagle has a three cans per check limit for canned pumpkin.

At Walmart, you can buy one 30-ounce (850g) can for $ 3,16. At Target, a 15-ounce can of pumpkin costs $ 425.

Coffee and tea

According to the expert, Americans will drink more coffee and tea as the weather gets colder, so if you have a specific brand that you prefer, stock up while it's not hard to find.

“If you prefer something like hot chocolate and want to drink it in winter, then this is an excuse to fill your pantry,” the analyst advises.

Toilet paper

“While we're not seeing the panic across the country that started in the spring, it would be wise to buy a couple more packs of toilet paper,” said Christine McGrath, shopping expert at

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“Some retailers now place limits on the amount of paper and soap that people can buy,” McGrath says.

Walmart is seeing customers accumulate paper, according to a statement from retail chain CEO Doug McMillon. According to NBC News, Kroger, Publix and HEB have begun to restrict in-store and online toilet paper purchases.

If your local store hasn't set limits on toilet paper yet, you might want to stock up on it. As in March and also in April, you shouldn't buy toilet paper for a year, you need to buy enough to last a few weeks.

At Costco, the 30-roll Kirkland toilet roll is not available for online ordering until December 31st due to a "limited supply." But Walmart retails 18 rolls of Angel Soft for $ 15.

Disinfecting Wipes

“If you come across disinfectants like wipes or sprays in a store and have a place to store them, it’s probably a good idea to buy a couple of them,” Ramhold recommends.

Costco Kirkland napkins are not available for online ordering until December 31st due to a "limited supply". On Amazon, two packs of Clorox tissues are only available from third-party sellers. However, Solimo (Amazon's brand) sells a pack of 75 disinfectant wipes for $ 8,99.

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Home pharmacy products such as thermometers

If your grocery store sells pharmacy items, buy a thermometer now, Ramhold advises. Hospitals are already overcrowded with patients, and while a thermometer is no substitute for a doctor, it can help you keep track of COVID-19 symptoms. This can be helpful when deciding if you need to see a doctor.

Thermometers were difficult to find because companies bought them to scan incoming workers and customers.

“If you don’t have a pulse oximeter and thermometer, it’s a good idea to get them now, before prices start to rise again and these items disappear from store shelves again,” explains Ramhold.

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The second wave of panic purchases began in the USA: what to stock up on

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