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Six popular misconceptions about the green card lottery

The Diversity Visa Lottery, a United States government program that allows 50 people to obtain permanent residency in the United States every year, is very popular in post-Soviet countries. Although the program has been around for many years, very few people took the time to read more about it and still believe in popular misconceptions. JetSanza... What are these myths?

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Myth 1. Apartment, work and air ticket are provided by the US government

Fact: The US government does not promise winners housing and jobs. The lottery winner can only receive the right to permanent legal residence in the country (green card). Winners are expected to provide the address where they would like to receive their US green cards. This is a clear sign that the US government anticipates that the winners will deal with their residency issues prior to their visa interviews. Work also waits for no one. And you will have to buy a ticket yourself.

Myth 2. Registration in the lottery from the United States increases the chances of winning

Fact: registering in the USA does not increase the likelihood of choosing your profile. If you send your information to someone in the US to have that person register the data for you, they will have to go through the same process as you from another country. Submission of the application takes place online, the winners are not selected by location, they are randomly determined by the computer.

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Myth 3. Some people are experts at registering for the lottery

Fact: Winners are selected at random. Nobody can influence this. You can only ask others for help with photographs. It is recommended that you complete the registration process yourself to ensure that all information provided is correct.

Myth 4. After winning, you will need to pay money

Fact: You do not need to pay money to participate in the lottery or after winning, other than paying the visa fee and medical examination. People pay a lot mainly because they have involved third parties in the registration process. Third parties, who usually register participants, charge huge amounts of money from winners before disclosing their registration details for the next round.

Myth 5. Winning allows you to take your family with you to the USA

Fact: you can only take with you those family members who were indicated in the application form at the initial stage of registration. You can also take your spouse or children with you if you are married or have children after the registration period. If you have a spouse or children, but you did not specify them when registering, you will be disqualified. Family here means spouse and children under 21, excluding extended family.

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Myth 6. After winning, you can enter into a fictitious marriage with someone who wants to move to the USA

Fact: It's illegal and you can get caught during an interview or in the US even after getting a green card. After that, your permanent resident status may be canceled. This is a crime that could jeopardize your chances of re-entering the United States in the future.

Recall that from May 8, you can check the results of the green card drawing for the DV-2022 lottery. Instructions on how to do it and what to do after winning - here.

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16 Green Card Lottery Myths

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