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Six Amtrak routes recognized as the best in the US: where to go by train in America

For your next train journey across the country, you can choose the Amtrak route and you will likely have a pleasant experience. 6 Amtrak routes at once were named the best rail lines in the United States. Writes about it Thrillist.

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Wanderu, the bus and rail travel booking platform, has announced the winners and recipients of this year's Wanderu Passengers' Choice Awards for excellence in ground transportation. It is awarded to both bus and rail carriers that have provided outstanding traveler service over the past year. The awards are divided into categories and are awarded based on user feedback left on the platform.

“What I like most about the awards is the fact that they are completely based on reviews. We got them directly from people who actually traveled with these bus and rail carriers,” said Polina Raigorodskaya, co-founder and CEO of Wanderu.

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In the Best of the Best category, which recognizes the best ground transportation provider in both the US and Canada, as well as the best rail line, Amtrak hit the jackpot. Not only was it the second-best U.S. ground transportation provider (right behind Concord Coach Lines), but it also took all of the top six spots in the U.S. Best Rail Lines rankings.

In addition, according to Wanderu, 20 Amtrak regional services have been awarded as winners or honorees in several "Best by Region" categories.

The overall winner in the Best Rail Line category was the Amtrak Maple Leaf, which connects New York and Toronto. According to users, this rail line provides the best service of all, it offers breathtaking views of the New York countryside.

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According to the awards just announced, these are the top six rail lines in the US:

  • 1. Amtrak Maple Leaf (The route runs between Toronto (Canada) and New York. Enjoy stunning views of the Hudson River Valley or get off the train to visit Niagara Falls).
  • 2. Amtrak Hiawatha (route between Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Chicago (Illinois) with stops in Glenview, Sturtevant and General Mitchell International Airport).
  • 3. Amtrak Keystone Service (the route connects New York and Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) via Lancaster and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), as well as Trenton and Newark (New Jersey)).
  • 4. Amtrak Saluki (500-kilometer route between Chicago and Carbondale, Illinois. The train stops in various small towns in the Midwest, such as Effingham, Mattoon and Kankakee).
  • 5 (draw). Amtrak Downeaster (provides five daily round trips between Brunswick, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts).
  • 5 (draw). Amtrak Illini Service (commuter train between Chicago and Carbondale in Illinois).

A complete list of winners and laureates in other categories is available at link.

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