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Six business ideas that quickly generate income with little investment

More than nine million Americans have started their own business in the past two years, motivated by the need to turn down a job that no longer met their needs and the need for additional income. Some of these businesses aren't the most obvious, but they can bring you six figures in your first year. Insider.

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If you've dreamed of starting your own business but don't know where to start, consider non-traditional startups.
Here are six unique businesses to start in 2022.

Vending machines

When Marcus Graham started his vending machine company, he considered it a stepping stone to real estate investing. Vending machines do not require a lot of capital to start up and can end up generating passive income that requires less daily maintenance.

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Graham started his business in 2018 with $10 in savings. Today, his company, Joyner Vending, operates 000 vending machines across four states. It generated over $18 in revenue last year.

Selling websites

Building and selling websites can be like real estate, only you're dealing with online property. The goal is to buy an inexpensive domain name, create a new website with useful and search engine optimized content, and then earn passive income from ads and affiliate links. You can also sell the site for profit.

This is what Chelsea Clark does through her Blogs for Sale business. In 2020, she made $127 reselling 000 websites and brokering 13 more.

"Live" purchases

Mimi Striplin owns The Tiny Tassel boutique and online store in Charleston, South Carolina. Last year, she began hosting online sales events on Instagram and Facebook to expand her client base. After her first show, sales increased by almost 50%. In 2021, her store generated more than $970 in total sales.

But you don't have to have a store to sell a product online. Many sellers start livestreaming from their homes selling collectibles or handmade items. According to Coresight Research, the online shopping market is valued at $6 billion this year and $25 billion by 2023.

Presentation development

Some people use the knowledge they gained from a previous job to succeed as a freelancer on Upwork, such as Evan Fisher.

Fisher was an investment banker for six years and switched to consulting before losing his job in 2017. He quickly discovered the freelancing platform and decided to specialize in developing presentations that startups could use to raise venture capital.

So far, Fisher has earned $1,6 million in payments. He has been successful in helping companies create the best possible presentations because he doesn't follow a template - he customizes each presentation to suit the needs of a particular business. His presentations have helped companies secure funding from leading venture capital firms such as Tiger Management and SoftBank.

Glamping activities

As international and domestic travel declined during the pandemic, glamping (the word “glamping” comes from the fusion of the English words glamor and camping – which means glamorous camping) has skyrocketed in popularity as more people have turned to nearby outdoor recreational areas. The growth of the glamping industry is expected to continue and experts predict that it will grow by more than 2020% between 2026 and 18.

Kenny Young decided to build a glamping business at the age of 21 after he felt burnt out at his job as a youth pastor. He was passionate about outdoor recreation and soon launched Pitched Glamping, providing home camping services to people living in Arizona and Minnesota. The company generated more than $2020 in revenue in 125 and now employs seven people, including Yang's wife.

Virtual Assistant

A recent report from remote work and market analyst NanoGlobals found that the virtual assistant industry has boomed in 2020, with 41% more assistants hired this year compared to 2019. As more companies seek contract workers for short-term projects and administrative work, the industry will continue to grow, according to financial news firm MarketWatch.

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Aubrey Malik quit her job as an elementary school teacher in 2018 to build a virtual assistant business, using her administrative skills to help companies with small tasks. In 2021, she earned $105 in income. She also has her own course, The Prep, which helps other teachers and mothers become virtual assistants.

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