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Six people taken to hospital after American Airlines hard landing in Hawaii

On January 28, six people aboard an American Airlines flight were hospitalized with minor injuries after the plane made a "hard landing" at Kahului Airport on the island of Maui, Hawaii, reports New York Post.

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One passenger and five flight attendants were injured during the flight, the airline confirmed.

American Airlines Flight 271 took off from Los Angeles International Airport and landed on the island of Maui just after 14 p.m.

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The airline said there were 167 passengers and seven crew members on board the plane when it "experienced a problem during landing."

The Maui Police Department said medics responded to a dispatch call at 14:21 p.m.

“The plane taxied to the gate under its own power, and the passengers disembarked normally,” the airline confirmed.

The aircraft was then taken out of service for inspection.

“The safety of passengers and crew is our top priority,” the airline said.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also said it was investigating the cause of the hard landing.

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Data from flight tracking site FlightAware show that American Airlines Flight 271 was originally scheduled to arrive at Maui Airport at 12:47 pm PT, but was delayed nearly 79 minutes because it took a long taxi at LAX before takeoff.

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