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IT has survived lossless quarantine and continues to grow: how to become part of a prestigious industry

Coronavirus put the world economy on the brink of crisis and hit hard on the American labor market. According to recent data, a total of 47 million people lost their jobs in the United States. Average unemployment rate jumped from 3,6% in January this year to 13,3% in May.

Photo courtesy of ZiyoTek Institute of Technology

The crisis and quarantine have had a strong impact on a number of industries. Some of them suffered a lot more than the average. For example, 36% of employees lost their jobs in the hospitality sector, while freight transportation and retail trade also faced massive reductions.

But at the same time, there are industries where unemployment is significantly lower than average. The IT industry is much less vulnerable in this regard. However, this is quite predictable, because specialists in the field of information technology (IT) with virtually any skill level are in demand on the labor market, since IT applies to all areas of social life.

At the moment, the IT sector is one of the most stable in the labor market and continues to increase demand for specialists. The industry has resisted the virus, retained over 90% of its employees and is developing rapidly.

The recent order of US President Donald Trump to suspend the issuance of several categories of work visas (in particular, H-1B and L) until the end of 2020, caused concern in the IT sphere. After all, it was on these visas that IT companies brought employees to the United States from Asia and post-Soviet countries.

Now they will have to look for a replacement among those who are already in the United States. And if this is a problem for the management of such companies, then for job seekers it is a huge chance to realize their dream of becoming an IT specialist, because a shortage in the market always generates more advantageous offers of cooperation.

Photo courtesy of ZiyoTek Institute of Technology

But the good news for those wishing to become part of this prestigious sphere does not end there. Another plus is that you can master the IT profession that is in demand on the market in just a few months.

Founded in 2017 ZiyoTek Institute of Technology offers the highly sought-after Cloud Architect and Linux & DevOps courses with a convenient payment system. The students of the courses have a month to figure out whether they are satisfied with the pace and manner of teaching, whether the IT industry suits them in general. If they decide it is not for them, they can leave the course and get their deposit or payment back. Programs are constantly being adapted to market needs.

Upcoming courses:

July 1 starts Cloud Architect course. For 28 weeks, students will understand and learn how to implement cloud infrastructure in a professional IT environment. After graduation, graduates will be ready to work at the initial level as a cloud architect or engineer. On average, such specialists earn 120 thousand dollars a year, Indeed is now open on the Indeed portal 38 thousand vacancies for them. Training is available both in the classroom and online.

Photo courtesy of ZiyoTek Institute of Technology

October 1 at ZiyoTek starts Linux & DevOps course, students will gain knowledge and practical experience in implementing Linux and DevOps, as All training is based on practical tasks and real situations that they may encounter during work.

The course prepares system administrators and engineers working on Linux, DevOps, and AWS Cloud. Today, more than 170 thousand vacancies for such specialists are open on the labor market.

Here You can see offers for system engineers (more than 135 thousand vacancies), and by this link - for Cloud Engineer / Architect (more than 88 thousand open positions). On average, such specialists are paid per year more than 100 thousand dollars.

Advantages of ZiyoTek Institute:

  • The school operates on the basis of SCHEV certificate (Virginia Higher Education Council).
  • AWS Academy Accreditation (Amazon Web Services) - ZiyoTek students gain access to the AWS Academy curriculum that includes labs, tests, theory, and hands-on.
  • All school teachers are employees of leading IT companies with experience of up to 25 years in IT projects of various sizes and complexity.
  • Individual approach and a warm family atmosphere.
  • No need to buy books: all the necessary materials are collected in one place - on the training portal.
  • Live instructor conducts classes that can be attended online or in the classroom (after the quarantine restrictions have been lifted). Any form of participation is interactive - the student can ask questions and receive answers immediately.
  • Each lesson is recorded - can be viewed an unlimited number of times.
  • Career Services - professionals will help in writing a resume and preparing for an interview.
  • Training on a real project scenario - students build infrastructure for a small company.
  • Learn until you get a job offer, - students can re-take the course without any payment.

Ziyotek Institute of Technology help you successfully start a career in IT. ZiyoTek gives students a high level of knowledge, which will become the basis for job search and career growth in the field of IT.

Your question is ZiyoTek Institute

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ZiyoTek Institute of Technology

address: 8230 Old Courthouse Rd, Suite 300, Vienna, VA, 22182
phone: 202 630 0504

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