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North Korea billed the US for $ 2 million for treating a student who died after being imprisoned in the country

North Korea billed the US for 2 million dollars for medical services provided by Otto Wombiera, after his release from prison in North Korea in 2017, reports The Washington Post.

Screenshot from ABC video

Wombier, an 21-year-old college student from Wyoming, died shortly after returning to America after 15 imprisoned in North Korea.

According to two sources in the Washington Post, "the US envoy, sent to search for Wombiera, signed an agreement to pay his medical bills on behalf of President Trump." Sources spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to publicly discuss this issue.

According to sources, the account went to the Department of Finance, where it remained unpaid during the entire 2017 year. However, it is unclear whether the Trump administration paid for it later and whether the issue popped up during the preparation of the two summits between Trump and Kim Jong-un.

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According to The Washington Post, North Korean officials handed over a 2 million dollar bill to the US envoy, "insisting that he sign an agreement to pay him before they allow him to take Wombiera home."

ПA donate called the then former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and told him about the bill, and Tillerson contacted Trump. Then the envoy was asked to sign the invoice, thereby agreeing to pay it.

In January 2016, Wombiera was arrested at the Pyongyang airport after his visit to North Korea. Three weeks later, an American student confessed to stealing a poster from a hotel.

In March 2016, Wombier was convicted of crimes against the state (this is how the DPRK authorities classified the theft of the poster) and was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor.

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US officials advised his family not to make any statements while they were being negotiated for his release. For 15 months, the family did not hear about the guy.

In June, the 2017 North Korean government freed Otto wombiera, but he returned to Cincinnati with an extensive head injury that made him blind, deaf and unable to move on his own. He died 19 June 2017 of the year.

In December, the US District Court awarded the family of the deceased student 500 millions of dollars in their lawsuit against North Korea. The family requested more than 1 billion dollars, but the judge decided not to award them all the requested compensation.

Fred Wombier, Otto's father, told the Washinton Post that he had never been told about treatment bills, adding that it sounds like a “ransom” for his late son.

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