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The series 'Black Mirror' is 10 years old: which episodes of it became prophetic

Black Mirror is 10 years old. Which episodes of the series have come true? Esquire.

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On December 4, 2011, Channel 4 released the pilot of the Black Mirror dystopia, a cutting-edge satire on a high-tech society.

Black Mirror is a British sci-fi television anthology series by Charlie Brooker (based on Wikipedia).

The main theme of the series is the impact of information technology on human relations.

Each episode is not connected with the previous ones, neither the plot, nor the actors, nor the time and place of the narrative.

According to Brooker, all the plots are united only by satire on the way of life that is common in modern society.

Charlie Brooker explains that the name "Black Mirror" is a reference to the black displays of electronic gadgets found in every home or apartment.

“If technology is drugs, and they really are like drugs, then what are the side effects? The borderline between pleasure and discomfort is the scene of my drama series Black Mirror. You will find a black mirror on every wall, on every table, in every palm: a cold and shiny TV screen, monitor, smartphone, ”he says.

Although the first episodes were a bit controversial, the series quickly earned the title of "prophetic" and achieved fantastically high ratings, then peaked at 22nd on the BBC's Top 100 Best Series of the XNUMXst Century.

What seemed fantastic in the series, but still smoothly entered our life.

Metaverse (Fifteen Million Merits)

In July, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook (and now Meta) was starting to build the metaverse.

The metaverse is a collection of digital worlds.

This is a product that will use virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality technologies. According to Zuckerberg's forecast, its development will take 5-10 years.

Metaverse users will have realistic avatars that will look like their owner, houses that can be made similar to their real home, will be able to bring real objects to the Metaverse, and vice versa - the company is working to make it possible to put digital objects into real ones. the world in the form of holograms and interact with them and so on.

Despite the fact that the concept has caused a violent reaction in the media, fans of "Black Mirror" it is unlikely to seem like something new.

Elements of augmented reality and VR technology are ubiquitous in the series.

Suffice it to recall Daniel Kaluya's gamified life as Bing in Fifteen Million Merits.

In this world, every person must generate electricity using a dynamo machine in the form of a bicycle. For this, people receive a currency called merit.

Daily work is interrupted by advertisements that must not be missed without a monetary fine.
Some of the presented phenomena are already available to us.

How quickly other augmented reality chips will fill it up is anyone's guess.

The picture of the future metaverse from Facebook presentations and announcements, even in style, resembles the VR environment from Fifteen Million Merits.

Robodogs ("Metalist" / Metalhead)

In the fourth season of Black Mirror, screenwriter Charlie Brooker presented his vision of the post-apocalyptic world.

This is the first black and white episode in the history of the series.

The plot revolves around the wanderings of Bella (Maxine Peak), who tries to escape from the robotic "dogs" in the world after the inexplicable decline of human civilization.

Dog robots are equipped with weapons, a thermal imager and are programmed to kill all living things.

Now the American company Boston Dynamics is actively designing animal-like robots.

One of their most popular designs is called the Spot and is designed primarily for reconnaissance purposes. At the same time, Boston Dynamics is promoting the idea that robots should not harm humans.

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Nevertheless, other companies Ghost Robotics and Sword International, also based in the United States, nevertheless presented a project of a militarized robot dog.

The presentation took place in 2021 at the US Army Association conference.

Externally, the development is closer to the version of "Metallist" and is equipped with a firearm - an assault rifle capable of detecting and destroying targets at a distance of 1200 meters.

Social rating system ("Dive" / Nosedive)

In 2018, 17,5 million people in China were refused public transport tickets due to social ratings.

Scoring for "good behavior" and withdrawals for misconduct is a reality made possible by large databases. Now they determine the fate of the citizens of the most populous country in the world.

A few years ago, Charlie Brooker, who wrote the script for one of the most utopian episodes of Black Mirror, argued about how normal this idea is.

Lacey Pound (Bryce Dallas Howard) lives in a world where people can give each other 1-5 in real life.

Lacy, obsessed with good grades, starts the episode with a rating of about 4,2.

She lives with her brother Ryan (James Norton), who has a lower rating and is not worried about it.

The tenancy is ending and Lacey is trying to move into the prestigious Pelican Cove complex, although her brother is against it.

To be able to live in this complex, Lacey must either pay a larger rent or get a discount, reaching a rating of 4,5 or higher. She is trying in every possible way to break into high society in order to get a good grade.

The pursuit of points, on the one hand, brought the heroine a reputation as an outsider, on the other, made her more free.

It seems that we will find out very soon how the rating of public reliability will affect society in real life.

Unmanned delivery man ("Crocodile" / Crocodile)

The episode "Crocodile" contains several accidents on the road at once.

One of them has to do with a pizza delivery guy on autopilot.

In 2020, robotic couriers from Yandex became more active in Moscow, and a little later, similar mini-cars drove onto the streets of the city of Houston in the United States as part of the collaboration between Domino's Pizza and Nuro.

Pilot projects for automated delivery have been launched abroad before.

For example, in America, as part of one of these programs, back in 2017, an unmanned Ford Fusion was tested.
The Ministry of Transport plans to launch a special lane on the M-2024 highway for unmanned trucks by 11. Apparently, "smart" cars will soon begin to appear everywhere on our roads.

Artificial Bees and Hives (Hated in the Nation)

It's about the potentially limitless possibilities of drones.

In the episode "Enemy of the People", bee drones are at work.

In appearance, size and partly even in functionality, they copy real insects.

Artificial bees even build hives like 3D printers.

Moreover, they are deadly assassins.

In fact, robotic bees already exist.

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The first robotic bee was invented at Harvard back in 2013, but so far the capabilities of such micro-robots are limited.

These analogs do not look as realistic as in Black Mirror, but scientists are actively working on a project to create bee drones that can perform a wide range of tasks, including pollination of plants.

In addition, a few years after the episode "Enemy of the People" aired, Israeli startup Beewise unveiled a robotic hive based on artificial intelligence.

And although he is not capable of making his own 3D copies, he has an autonomous system for controlling and monitoring the environment inside the hive.

Robots that imitate human behavior ("I'll be right back" / Be Right Back)

The plot of this series is based on the question, typical of modern history, whether a robot will replace a person and whether a deceased person can come to life in the form of a robot.

Martha (Hayley Atwell) and Ash (Donal Gleeson) are a young couple moving into a house outside the city. The day after the move, Ash dies in a car accident.

Martha learns about the latest technology that creates artificial intelligence based on human behavior in social media.

Thus, people are able to continue "communication" with the deceased through their digital copies.

Martha begins to communicate with the new "Ash" through instant messages, and later uploads photos and videos of him to the database, so the artificial intelligence can now reproduce Ash's voice and communicate with Martha on the phone.

Following the artificial Ash's instructions, Martha transforms a pure synthetic body into an android that looks almost like Ash.

Japanese developers have already created an android robot Erika with a realistic face, natural facial expressions and the ability to dialogue.

The robotic girl has already been cast as a news presenter, and now they want to star in a fantastic film with an unpretentious title: b.

However, there is another technology from the "I'll Be Back Soon" episode that has already appeared in the real world.

A few years after the series was released, the creators of the Luka messenger launched a chat bot in which they recreated the image of the deceased art director of Strelka and the founder of Stampsy, Roman Mazurenko.

“You can correspond with him about himself or just about life - he will answer the way Roma would have answered,” said Evgenia Kuyda, co-founder of Luka at the time.

This is the chat used by the heroine Martha in the series before she received a synthetic body-copy of her husband, who died in a plane crash.

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