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Senator has published the top of the craziest American government spending

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky celebrates Festivus, a fictional non-profit festival popularized by the TV series Seinfeld. It is annually celebrated on December 23. This holiday is celebrated as an alternative to Christmas, which turned into a festival of huge and often unnecessary expenses.

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Senator Paul in honor of this holiday was report about the most insane, in his opinion, the costs of the US government.

The senator recalled that the US national debt is almost 22 trillion dollars, and to resolve the issue with the Shatdaun, most likely, it is necessary to increase the planned expenditures.

Paul believes that this year the US government threw in unnecessary expenses 114 514 631 dollars. If we take into account that the average taxpayer pays 8 128, 21 dollars in federal taxes a year, that the US government for 2018 a year spent wasting 14 088 taxes on Americans.

Screenshot from the report

Here are some of the main items of expenses that Paul considers unfounded:

  • Since 2009, the State Department has allocated more than 76 million dollars to pay scholarships to an almost non-existent Somali army.
  • The Department of Agriculture has spent more than 13 million dollars on the development of the already crowded farming market industry.
  • The US Embassy in Rwanda has spent more than 250 000 dollars in training citizens of this country to lobby.
  • The National Endowment for the Arts has spent 15 000 dollars on “theater research” to fight poverty.
  • The National Institutes of Health has spent more than 800 000 dollars on the study of the sex of quails after cocaine use
  • Allocating more than 650 000 dollars to develop a drama series to be shown in Afghanistan.
  • Payments in 1 million dollars to support and develop the legislative process in Libya.
  • 18 allocation of millions of dollars to support tourism in Egypt.
  • The National Institutes of Health has spent $ 2 488 153 on dream study.
  • Training women entrepreneurs in India on video blogging cost the US government $ 50 000.

Screenshot from the report

The full report can be found at link.

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