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Senate is trying to cancel Obamacare

On Thursday, 3 in December, the Senate voted to repeal the key provisions of Obamacare and depriving federal funding of Planned Parenthood by adopting a bill that Obama will definitely veto.

47 out of 52 senators supported the bill. Two moderate Republicans - Susan Collins, Maine, and Mark Kirk, of Illinois - did not support the bill, and Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders was absent.

The bill must approve the White House. This will be the second attempt. The first version of the bill failed in October.

However, on Wednesday, the White House announced that Obama would veto the bill if it falls on his desk.

Democrats claim that Obamacare has helped 17,6 millions of Americans get health insurance.

“Middle-class Americans continue to urge Washington to build a bridge from Obamacare. They want to be better cared for. They want real health care reform. For too long, Democrats have done everything to keep Congress away from passing legislation necessary to help Americans in pain. It will end today, ”says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The Republicans tried more than a dozen times to push the Planned Parenthood law on the deprivation of federal funding, but they could not get 60 votes. On Thursday, they were able to pass the bill by simple majority thanks to a procedure such as budget comparison.

Recall the reform of american healthcare was developed Democratic Party on the initiative of US President Barack Obama, to make medical care more accessible to the public. Since 2010, the Republicans have made about 40 attempts to block it. One of the main provisions of the reform is the obligation of companies with more than 50 staff to purchase insurance for their employees. In the summer of 2013, it became known that the US government had postponed the introduction of this standard to the beginning of 2015.

Previously, three people, among them one policeman, were killed shooting in the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Planned Parenthood, receiving state funding, was previously in the center scandal, about which "Forum" spoke in detail. In a video posted by opponents of abortion, fund officials in an expensive restaurant discussed the sale of parts of the embryos with the "customer".


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