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Muscovites' family spoke about their first acquaintance with New York: interrogation, threats and the vow to tell only the truth

The Russian-speaking couple went on their first trip to the United States. However, the start of the trip was somewhat unpredictable, recalling American films with real interrogations and an oath to tell only the truth. Details were shared by the author of the channel “World through the eyes of Yu” on the site Yandex Zen.

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Hitchhiker in the USA

A Russian-speaking traveler told how she and her husband decided to go on a trip to America. “Yes, not anyhow, but hitchhiking along the famous Route 66 (Route 66 is one of the first highways in the system of numbered US highways - Ed.) To drive, sleeping in a tent, sometimes in motels, and on couchsurfing (CouchSurfing is an online service for travelers - Ed. ”, - she shares.

At the very beginning, their journey was reminiscent of real American cinema: the author’s husband was detained at a New York airport and nearly deported. But nothing happened. How not to talk with airport employees so as not to run into trouble is discussed below.

First interrogation

So, the couple's journey began in New York. The Muscovite took off four days earlier; the owner of the apartment found on the CouchSurfing website was already waiting for him. “It takes about 9 hours to fly to New York from Moscow without transfers. More than 15 hours passed, but there was still no connection with her husband. As a true traveler, I thought that if I didn’t get in touch in 24 hours, then it’s bad, ”the author writes.

But then the long-awaited call rang. It turned out that her husband was detained at the International Airport. John F. Kennedy in New York. “My husband flew to the J. Kennedy Airport. I got off the plane into a huge, huge hall, stood in line for a computer visa scanner (this is the first stage of border control), scanned all the data, received an electronic questionnaire and went to the window of a border service officer, ”the author writes.

Further, the traveler approached the control of a young girl of Hispanic appearance. She checked something in the database and asked if he was in the US for the first time. The answer was yes. Then she asked if he had a job here. “Temych was from the category of self-employed at that time. And no one could have imagined that such questions may arise at the control, if you already have a visa. It's so hard to get it in Russia, ”the author explained.

The traveler admitted that he has no job in America.

After that, the girl asked how much money he had to provide a trip to the United States. “Cash 2000 dollars and on the card 1500,” he replied. But since the airport employees could not check the balance on the card, they did not take this amount into account. Therefore, they decided that the Russian had only $ 2000 with him.

He was then asked how much he plans to be in the United States. When they learned that he came for a month, they asked: “And how can you live a month with this money here? Can you imagine what your expenses will be? ”

The Muscovite replied that he travels very economically, lives in hostels, which is inexpensive. "Do you have a reservation to confirm your stay?" - asked the employee of the airport. And I received in response that there is a reservation, but only for one night. He also explained that he wants to first make sure that the housing will fit. “I can't be sure that I will like it there. I would like to look at this hostel first, if everything is good there, I will extend my stay, but if not, I will find another accommodation option. I always do that, ”he explained.

This was followed by a question about the route of travel. The author’s husband said that he plans to visit New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Chicago. He explained that he planned to travel by bus.

As a result, the girl replied that, in her opinion, this money would not be enough for the trip. “You need to pay for housing, transport, food,” she said.

Thus, the airport employee came to the conclusion that the Russian came here to work. To refute such speculation, he invited her to check her passport - there were more than 40 stamps from different countries, including Canada. Also, there were no notes on any visa violations in the document.

Interrogation in a special room

The officer called another employee, gave him the Russian passport, and he invited the traveler to follow him into a special room. “A minute later they entered a small room where about 10 border guard officers were sitting at a large table. And about 100 people of the most dubious appearance were waiting in the hall on chairs, ”the author writes.

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Russians New York personal experience

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