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Seminar on the situation in Kazakhstan and Ukrainian performance: how to spend a weekend in Los Angeles (January 21-23)

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What: Hollywood Tour

When: Friday-Sunday, January 21-23

Where: Hollywood Pantages Theater 6233 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028

More: The Hollywood tour takes you back to the 1880s, the time when the name first appeared on maps. Then learn how and why the fledgling film industry first moved to this small farming town in the early XNUMXth century. Walking the streets of Hollywood, you will discover many hidden historical sites in the area (for example, the oldest house in Hollywood, where Charlie Chaplin's children went to school), as well as see and explore for yourself all the most interesting things. Visit iconic locations such as the Walk of Fame, the Capitol Records building, the Egyptian Theatre, the Dolby Theater (home of the Oscars) and the TCL Chinese Theater.

Cost: $ 35


What: Exhibition The Beauty War

When: Friday-Sunday, January 21-23

Where: Cakeland.LA 936 Mei Ling Way Los Angeles, CA 90012

More: The Beauty War is a light and at the same time dark themed immersive art installation. That is, it is partly a mirror hall, partly a dark attraction. The Beauty War contains allegorical references to universal archetypes that we all face, from the birth of independence, fear of the unknown, personal actualization to spiritual insight and death.

Cost: $ 15-26


What: Multimedia exhibition

When: Friday-Sunday, January 21-23

Where: 6757 Hollywood Blvd 6757 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028

More: MAX Hollywood offers new interactive installations, large exhibitions and a magical experience that takes you to a world of pure imagination and wonder. Enter the museum and you will immediately find yourself in the Tesla Hall. Neon lamps glow with electric currents that are reflected inside the glass chambers.

At the end of the main hall, you will find The Forest Room, a spacious exhibit filled with a variety of artwork embedded in the room's aesthetic. Transforming colorful lights emerge from the walls like neon grass, and nature-themed projections cover those walls. In the center of the room is a field of sculpted grass, from which laser beams are streaming in all directions. This exhibition will take you into the surreal jungle of science fiction.

Cost: $ 15-25


What: Seminar on the situation in Kazakhstan

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Friday, January 21, from 12 p.m.

Where: Online

More: What is happening in Kazakhstan? Will the protests weaken or turn into a mass revolution? What does Russia have to do with it? Kazakh expert and well-known journalist Aigerim Toleukhanova will talk about the situation in the country and the likely future.

Cost: Free options


What: Exhibition of carpet paintings by Ukrainian artist

When: Saturday, January 22, from 11:00

Where: Ukrainian Cultural Center 4315 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029

More: Do not miss the unique exhibition of paintings-carpets "Identification Code" by Ukrainian artist Irina Vishnevskaya. As a child, she felt the magical influence of homespun carpets (tapestry). Irina grew up in the Gagauz culture, where carpets had powerful symbolism. The Gagauz are a Turkic-speaking people who profess Christianity. Its representatives live in Bessarabia (Moldova and the southern part of the Odessa region). In Ukraine they belong to national minorities.

The systematic displacement and suppression of the Gagauz culture by the historical and modern processes of globalization led the artist to create a unique series of paintings on traditional carpets, designed to recreate the beauty of the life and customs of this people. Vishnevskaya skillfully focuses the viewer's attention on cultural tradition as the main guarantee of the nation's existence.

Cost: From $ 0


What: Angel City Market

When: Sunday, January 23, from 12:00

Where: 10903 S Inglewood Ave 10903 South Inglewood Avenue Inglewood, CA 90304

More: Angel City Market is a monthly outdoor market where small and local businesses come together to showcase their crafts, products and services.

Come support dreams and shop with over 60 small and local businesses. Here you will be offered a variety of crafts, goods and services, including jewelry, sportswear, boutiques, sweets - Angel City Market has it all.

Cost: Free options


What: Ukrainian Christmas performance

Photo: Shutterstock

When: Sunday, January 23, from 14:30

Where: Online

More: Every year on January 7, Ukrainians around the world celebrate Christmas. In honor of its celebration this year, the Lviv Puppet Theater invites everyone to a special virtual performance "The Road to Bethlehem".

To feel the true color of Ukraine and feel a real Christmas fairy tale, watch this classic Christian parable reproduced entirely in Ukrainian.

Cost: $ 10


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