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Immigrant families separated at the border can get asylum in the USA

Many migrant families separated at the border between the United States and Mexico can get a second chance to get asylum, according to the settlement agreement to which the Trump administration and lawyers representing the affected parents came.

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The agreement, which the federal judge must now approve, will be the main victory for many parents of more than 2500 immigrant children, who were forcibly separated at the US border and placed in isolated places of detention in accordance with the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy from April to June.

ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt, who represents many of the affected parents, said: “The agreement will now give parents the opportunity to seek asylum with their children. “In addition, there is a possibility that some parents who were deported without their children may return to the United States.”

Previously, ForumDaily reported that parents proposed collect asylum documents so that they can be deported with the children.

Many deported parents say they were misled: they thought that deportation was the only way to return their children to the United States.

According to the agreement, parents and their children will be able to repeat their interview with immigration officers to prove the right to asylum.

In addition, the government is ready to review the cases of already deported parents, but it will not return all deported parents to the USA. In addition, immigrant advocates may be present during interviews with officers.

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