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Seven Russians tried to rob the exchanger in Bali: two were killed by the police

On the Indonesian island of Bali, during a shootout with police, two Russians were suspected of robbing an exchange bureau, a third suspect was detained, and several others managed to escape from the crime scene.

Screenshot from a video posted to Instagram / denpasar.viral

The local police handed over the incident to the Russian embassy in Jakarta, writes with the BBC.

Embassy press officer Denis Tetyushin reported RIA News, что подробности происшествия пока не известны. “Пока точно известно, что один предполагаемый российский гражданин был убит, еще один ранен и потом скончался от ран, и один задержан”, – сказал он.

По словам Тетюшина, на Бали уже прибыл заведующий консульским отделом посольства. “Он сообщил, что паспортов убитых и задержанного полиция пока не предъявляла, но полицейские настаивают на том, что подозреваемые – россияне”, – рассказал дипломат.

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MONEY CHANGER BMC PT. BALI MASPINTJINRA DI TANJUNG BENOA DI RAMPOK #dpsviral @ denpasar.viral. Kasus perampokan terhadap Money Changerkembali terjadi, kali ini menimpa money changer BMC PT. Bali Maspintjinra Jl. Pratama Tanjung Benoa Kelurahan Benoa Kuta Selatan, Bali. Saat ini di lokasi kejadian telah dipasangi police line yang melintang di depan money changer tersebut. Pintu kaca terlihat dalam keadaan terbuka serta ceceran koran bekas yang tersebar di depan pintu dan bagian dalam money changer. Dari keterangan sumber di lapangan kejadian perampokan di duga terjadi pada Selasa (19 / 3 / 2019) dinihari sekira pukul 00.30 Wita, diperkirakan kerugian mencapai ratusan juta rupiah. Karena brankas di dalam money changer tersebut diambil oleh para pelaku perampokan. Dan setiap harinya money changer tersebut ramai oleh turis yang menukarkan uang. . “Mungkin karena money changer tersebut lebih besar dari yang lainnya di kawasan ini. Jadi ramai terus. Di atas jam 10 malam kawasan sini sudah sepi biasanya, ”tutur Saka. . Kapolresta Denpasar Kombes Pol Ruddi Setiawan dan Dir Krimum Polda BaliKombes Pol Andi Fairan juga sempat mengece lokasi . Sumber @tribunbali Baca selengkapnya di: . #denpasarviral #dpsviralterkini #kutaselatan #bali

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According to local media reports, 19 March in the resort of Tanjung Benoa in the southern part of the island was attacked at the currency exchange.

The seven attackers, who are called Russian citizens in the media, beat and tied up the employees of the exchanger and took out about 900 million Indonesian rupees (about 63 thousand dollars).

A shootout with the police, in which two suspects were killed, occurred several hours after the robbery.

According to media reports, one person was killed on the spot, another died of wounds in the hospital, one was detained, and another four managed to escape by car.

The Bali Post reported that six men aged 50, 60, 44, 32, 47 and 44 years, and a woman 34 years old committed a crime. The newspaper led only the first letters of their names. The four suspects who managed to escape, allegedly armed with SS1 automatic rifles.

Tribun Bali Edition сообщаетthat the two suspects lived in a surfer school in the village of Kedonganan, about 10 km from the exchange office that was attacked.

As one of the employees told the publication, they lived there for about two months and did not arouse any suspicion.

Tribun Bali also writes that the suspects could be involved in the robbery of the exchanger, which occurred at the end of 2018 in the city of Kuta.

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