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Seven things worth paying by credit card

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

Paying for purchases with a credit card is not always a good idea because you will most likely have to pay back a large amount, so many people prefer to pay with cash or a debit card if possible.

But there are goods and services that are better paid by credit cards, because it gives a higher level of security. The list of such collected edition Go Banking Rates.

1. Online shopping

When shopping online, many people look for reputable stores, but if the store is still not reliable enough, a credit card can help ensure the security of the purchase. If the withdrawal of money from your account seems suspicious to you, you can contact the company that issued you the card with a request to investigate. In the case of a credit card, unlike a debit card, the money from your account will not be withdrawn until the completion of the investigation. In addition, the credit company will cover your damage in case of loss or damage to the purchased goods.

2. Shopping by phone

When making purchases over the telephone, it is better to use a credit card: first, then you will definitely receive a check, and, second, if the goods prove to be of poor quality, you will be more likely to receive a refund of the money spent.

Credit companies have experience of returning money in case of unsatisfactory purchases for the client, therefore credit companies are more actively negotiating with the client who has paid for the purchase with a credit card if he threatens to cancel the financial transaction.

Even if the seller refuses to give you back the money, you can try to get it back through the credit company.

3. Appliances and electronics

Sometimes when buying appliances and electronics problems can occur almost immediately after unpacking the goods. But if you paid for the purchase by credit card, most companies give a money back guarantee.

In addition, some companies give a guarantee on the purchased goods, which in terms of efficiency are not inferior to the guarantee of goods sold in the store, while its average price in the store is about $ 81.

4. Bulky goods

If you are buying a bulky item, consider opening an award credit card with an interest-free grace period. You will receive rewards for purchases, as well as a small grace period to pay off your balance before interest is charged.

5. Flights

Flights are best bought with a credit card. Most companies in this case offer protection in case of loss of baggage and insurance in case of trip cancellation. Some cards also provide access to airport VIP rooms.

In addition, some companies offer award miles when using their credit cards when booking air tickets.

6-7. Car rental and hotel accommodation

If you want to rent a car with a debit card, you may need to make a deposit. Use a credit card, then you will not only avoid the need to make a deposit, but also get insurance when renting a car.

In the same way with hotel rooms: paying with a credit card will not only avoid a potential deposit, but in most cases you will receive insurance in case of theft in the room.

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