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Seven nuances that need to be urgently removed from your resume if you want to get a job in the USA

Everyone is constantly writing about what to add to their resume, but rarely about what needs to be removed from it. Resume Writer CEO Peter Young has read over a thousand job applicant statements and shared the factors that can hurt your chances of getting a job. Writes about it CNBC.

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1. Irrelevant hobbies and interests

Do you like esports? Rest at nature? Collecting coins? Gardening? Everyone has a hobby, and most people think that the more unique it is, the more it will set them apart from other candidates.

But hiring managers don't care how you spend your free time - at least not right away. They have a deadline and large piles of resumes to go through, and right now they are only focused on finding candidates that meet the requirements.

Of course, you can list your hobby if it is related to the position you are applying for. For example, if it's a job in finance, mentioning that you enjoy investing in cryptocurrency can be seen as a plus. But if you're trying to get an Assistant Medical Researcher position, don't worry about not writing about your hobby.

2. Too many soft skills

Soft skills are good, but to a certain extent. Too many candidates overdo their soft skills, and hiring managers are well aware of this common trick, so you can lose credibility if you start listing too many.

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As for the soft skills you include on your resume, make sure they are demonstrated and not just stated.

For example, instead of just saying that you are good at multitasking, it’s better to write something like “Managed multiple projects from start to finish, resulting in an X% increase in profit.”

3. Photo

If you don’t want to be chosen as the lead actor in a cult movie, you don’t need to attach your photo to your resume.

Many managers and recruiters consider this "unprofessional" or even a little tasteless.

Plus, it can lead to an unconscious bias towards you. Regardless of how you dress, what gender, race, or how you look at your age, these can all potentially influence recruiter decisions, even if they were unintentionally made.

In addition, there is a small chance that photography can influence the format of your resume, and this will lead to technical difficulties when going through candidate tracking systems.

4. Personal pronouns

Surprisingly, many candidates still make the mistake of using the personal pronouns "I", "me", "we" on their resume.

Why omit personal pronouns? Because this is your resume, and it goes without saying that it is exclusively about you. Instead of writing "I managed five employees," just write "Managed five employees."

5. Email

Hiring managers need candidates who are at least a little tech-savvy, which means they don't have to use email addresses from a legacy account like AOL or Hotmail.

When in doubt, just use Gmail or Outlook.

6. Your mailing address (if you are applying out of state)

It was standard practice to include your mailing address on your resume.

But if you are looking to relocate and are applying for out-of-state jobs, it is wise not to specify this, especially since some employers only want to consider local candidates.

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Recruiters don't need to know exactly where you live early in the hiring process. This can become a security risk if your information is stolen.

Instead, consider flagging that you are about to move:

Annie Johnson

(000) 000-0000

Moving to New York in the fall of 2021

7. Positions over 10-15 years old

Unless you are a recent graduate or senior executive with many years of experience, you should include no more than four or five positions spanning 10-15 years.

The “older” the position (unless it was in a large, well-known company, or closely related to the job you want), the less interested hiring managers will be.

Rather than detailing outdated work experience, use this precious resume space to flesh out the details of your recent work and accomplishments.

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