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Seven things that amaze me about Americans

I want to tell you why sometimes Americans seem to me not just people with a different mentality and upbringing, but beings from another planet. What is there - from another universe!

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1. In an effort to be politically correct, Americans sometimes reach the point of absurdity

They are so concerned about the “race issue” that they prefer to keep silent about the fact that other people have a different skin tone.

For example, one white-skinned husband described his wife, whom I was to meet, as "a tall, black-haired woman." If he had not been afraid to speak out more definitely, his African-American wife would not have had to end up hearing from me the question: “Excuse me, but who are you?”. When she replied, “I’m Tom’s wife, he should have warned you,” I thought that Tom hadn’t lied: she’s really not blonde.

2. They kill protein

Once I saw a bag with a painted squirrel in a friend's house, I thought: “Wow, what is the scale of feeding squirrels here! They even buy special food for them! ” And then I looked closely, read the inscriptions and realized that it was poison. So while we are touched by the squirrels galloping along the American streets, the Americans are destroying them, considering them to be just fluffy pests. I understand that squirrels can get into the house and eat the master's supplies, but it still does not fit in my head, how can a squirrel be so cynically equated with a rat.

3. Americans have a strange textile loyalty

The shops sell a lot of quality clothes, bed linen, towels, etc. At the same time it is all inexpensive, especially in discount centers. And yet, Americans do not want to part with things in spots or with holes, not caring at all what impression they make on those around them.

4. They are not just not looking for easy ways, but they are strenuously ignored.

In any home you can find ionizers and humidifiers, everywhere there are air fresheners, incense sticks and other advertised products to create a unique atmosphere of freshness ... And at the same time there is almost always stale air in homes. But you just need to open the windows sometimes. But no, they are not aware of this elementary decision.

5. Americans are rarely able to dress according to the weather and the situation.

In winter, I often had to see Americans of various ages striding down the street in a jacket, hat, gloves, shorts, and sneakers barefoot at minus 10 Celsius. It was just cold for them, honestly! But this is not all oddity. Getting out of bed, they can wear knee-length rubber boots and walk around the house all day. Many also like to wear cowboy hats, and if only they wore them on the street, they wear them at home! And they eat with a hat and watch TV. I hope at least wash without it. I can’t even give myself up so that we could have someone walk like this, say, in a cocked hat or a kokoshnik.

6. Americans are shocked by medical candor

They are ready to tell the first person they meet that they are seriously ill, have undergone a difficult operation or are preparing for it. Moreover - some even strive to show the seams. At the same time, it is said about this in the most everyday tone.
So, one woman who saw me for the first time in my life told me that the day before she had had her breasts amputated due to cancer. As if the visit to the manicurist said!

7. Their attitude to death is also everyday, as well as to diseases.

One American, when asked how his ailing grandfather was doing, replied: “Thank you. Grandpa died at the end of December. Yes, it was a strange Christmas. " And not an ounce of sorrow.

But what stunned me the most was when, during small talk at dinner, the hostess happily exclaimed, “Oh, I met Ken today. He is 56 years old, he has brain cancer, and imagine, he is still alive! ”.

Then I hardly dropped my fork in surprise, but all the members of the hostess’s family clearly shared her enthusiasm. When I got to know this family closer, I understood why: the eldest daughter of the hostess, Bridget, also has brain cancer. Despite this, she was in college and lived in a dorm, but recently her condition worsened and she moved back to her parents.

I was very surprised and touched by the attitude of her parents to this situation. They asked Bridget what experience she would like to receive in the next five years, perhaps the last in her life. And they were ready to help her, no matter what she chose: to find a fiancé, if she wants to get married, pay for college, if she chooses to continue, give her a trip abroad ...

It seems to me that it is very correct that they did not begin to lament over her daughter around the clock and limit her activity, but help to take the maximum out of life, no matter how long this life lasts.

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