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Seven ways to save hundreds of dollars with a library card

Many US residents do not even know that a regular public library card can help save hundreds of dollars. And if there is an opportunity to save money, then why not use it?

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First you need to get a library card. You can do this online. For example, people who live, work or study in the city can become members of the New York Public Library.

For the card you will need fill in the application with personal data continue to follow the instructions on the site. In some states, this must be done in person by filling out a questionnaire and showing an identity card or even an account that came to your address.

ForumDaily has compiled a list of services for cardholders.

1. Home delivery books

It turns out that some libraries place orders for books on the Internet. You can order home delivery of literature.

2. Movies, music, magazines

Many libraries allow cardholders to download audio and e-books, movies ( and MP3 files ( For example, look at the site But if you plan to rent DVDs with movies, then it will be much cheaper to do this in the library.

3. Pass to the museum

Find out in which museums of your city the library card can replace the entrance ticket. Each state has its own conditions, but such services are very popular throughout the country.

4. Access to closed sites

Your card will help you access free information on some sites. Very often, libraries have a subscription to resources such as LexisNexis, Adobe Creative Suite, Lynda... There are also educational sites -,, For those interested in investment -

Websites for children learning foreign languages ​​are also available -

5. Librarian counseling

It turns out that library staff can answer many questions. Feel free to ask them about the information you are interested in. They are obliged to help you. In addition, staff often hold special lectures and seminars. You can visit them using your card.

6. Free Internet

Of course, in each library you will find Wi-Fi. Library card will help to use this service.

7. Газеты

Library cardholders can access The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, USA Today, The Times and The Wall Street Journal.

If you use the package of these services, you can save hundreds of dollars. First go to the library and apply for a membership card.

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