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Seven travel tips from the youngest tourist to travel the world

Lexi Alford is 21 year, but she has already visited all 196 countries of the world, becoming the new owner of the Guinness World Record. She can also become the youngest person traveling to all countries of the world for three years, writes South China Morning Post.

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Alford was born into a family that ran a travel agency. From childhood, she traveled a lot, and by the 18 years had traveled to 72 countries. It was then that she decided to go on a world record and independently pay for her trips. For this, the girl worked as a consultant, and also found sponsors.

She writes her travel experience on a blog and also works on a book.

Alford lives in Nevada, California. Every year, it flies from 200 000 to 250 000 miles by air, although it travels by train and bus. Her favorite airline is Delta, thanks to a partnership with American Express Platinum, a lucrative scoring program.

“They have the most reliable airport lounges, such as Wi-Fi and food,” she says.

Here are the Alford life hacks collected throughout his life:

Better take two passports

The presence of two passports is extremely important if you travel to lesser known places, or when obtaining a visa takes a lot of time: for example, in the Middle East or West Africa.

If you go to the passport office and assure that you cannot go on a trip with only one passport, they will issue another.

Say you are traveling to Russia and must send your passport to the embassy. It takes six weeks. But perhaps you are coming to Indonesia next week. You just need to provide written evidence of your conflicting flights with your name on the booking.

Remember: you can book tickets as a confirmation of the trip, show them in the passport office, and then cancel them later. Then you will have a passport suitable for any future traffic jams.

On the subject: Traveling in the USA: how much it costs and how to save money

If you are traveling to a new country, you should always send one email before leaving

Send an email to the hotel prior to arrival and ask how much the average taxi from the airport to the hotel costs. Sending this simple email has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years because I have avoided using taxi drivers with overpriced or fixed meters.

Taxi drivers can be merciless when it comes to tricking you. Therefore, you must be sure exactly how much it will cost and how long it will take to get from point A to point B.

If you get to the hotel, and the mileage is incredibly large, refuse to pay for it. Stop by the hotel and ask for help. And if that doesn't work, tell them to call the police. I have done this several times in Angola and in Samoa.

Your carry-on is probably heavier than you think.

I only travel with hand luggage. However, some airlines weigh it. I remember being in Zakynthos, Greece, and I came across a very grumpy lady who weighed my carry-on baggage and my backpack. I always exceed the limits because I have a laptop, a camera and a drone.

All this weighed more than 5 kg (11 pounds). I just dressed as much of my clothes as possible, then went to the store across the road, bought a cheap duffel bag and put my things in there. You can bring along the equivalent of a shopping bag with carry-on baggage.

So now I carry a Baggallini folding lightweight bag for the worst case. Just be very careful when approaching the counter and do not offer them a look at your luggage.

Skyscanner should be your default search engine

Skyscanner is definitely the best last-minute reservation. This is the most reliable site, and it shows many different options: the fastest and cheapest route. You can choose how many stops you want to make, and it is convenient for the user.

On the subject: Travel tips that completely transform your journey

One piece of clothing will prove more useful than anything else.

It can be a light shirt if you need one and can easily be worn over other shirts.

If you wear shorts and feel uncomfortable in a more conservative country, you can wrap it around your waist to cover the back of your hips.

For longer trips, follow the three day rule

I usually prefer to spend at least three days in the same city, in the same hotel room on each of my long trips. There are several reasons for this. First, you will need a wash, and this may take three days.

Want to bring a souvenir from every place you visit? Easy

I collected a lot of currency every time. We all get small bills, and now I have a huge wall, pasted over with the currency of each country. The Hong Kong dollar has really interesting colors, and the Costa Rican currency has beautiful images of local wildlife.

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