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Humor, music and theater: 7 spring events that are worth a visit

New Year's holidays and Valentine's Day are long gone, and now it’s certainly time to join the active working rhythm. But if, with the advent of spring, your soul requires a holiday and bright entertainment, then the Russian artists who planned a tour in the USA have prepared a wide selection for you.

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This spring, Russian-speaking residents of the United States are waiting for shows, concerts, as well as performances by legendary artists whose songs are known by heart in many countries of the world. We selected seven events in the spring of 2020 that are definitely worth a visit.

Vera Brezhneva

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

Vera Brezhneva - singer, actress, TV presenter and UN Goodwill Ambassador - will present a new program in the United States in 2020 as part of her tour called “10”.

Live sound, drive, fiery dances and one of the most beautiful singers of the decade will give guests an unforgettable evening.

Tickets on the links:

Having won all the major music awards and collecting full halls, Vera always sings to every spectator.

For more than 10 years, every Vera Brezhneva recital has been an absolute discovery, which always remains the same in only one thing: sincere smiles of absolutely all spectators and incomparable energy.

Grigory Popovich Circus


The winner of many international circus competitions, Grigory Popovich, brings to the USA a show for the whole family. These are clowns, acrobats, jugglers and more than 30 of various animals, including trained dogs, cats, pigeons and even ... mice. The performance will feature brave equilibrists, jugglers and acrobats. As the leading actor, Grigory Popovich will present a lot of clown reprise and the unique number “Juggler on the stairs”.

In the show, along with new ones, viewers will see well-known numbers that have become classics of circus art.

Performances of his corpses will take place in such American cities:

  • 19 April - New York (three woh: in 12: 00, 15: 00 and 18: 00);
  • 25 April - Chicago.

Hammali & navai

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

Thanks to the combination of dance music and piercing lyrics, the creative tandem of Alexander Aliyev and Navai Bakirova has become one of the most striking discoveries of recent years.

Releasing hit after hit, the guys quickly soar to the top of the music charts and continue to win the love of the audience: tickets for their concerts fly out long before the appointed date.

Artists will perform in such US cities:

Comedy Woman

Photo provided by the organizers of the show

Ekaterina Varnava, Natalya Yeprikyan, Marina Fedunkiv, Ekaterina Skulkina, Nadezhda Sysoeva, Maria Kravchenko, Nadezhda Angarskaya - even men gossip about them, they are discussed on the sidelines of celebrity, and women all over the country repeat their sexual dances.

These comedic stars know everything about the life of the beautiful and so-so, rich and not-so-smart, and a little crazy, Muscovites and those who sadly leave the Moscow Ring Road.

Performances of Comedy Woman will take place in such cities of the USA:

Dumping Group


The legendary rock band "Spleen" will perform in Miami with the program The Best, which includes the best songs from various albums and those that have not been heard at concerts for a long time, but are widely known and loved by the public.

The concert will take place 29 April at Sport of Kings. Tickets - link.

“There is no way out”, “Orbits without sugar”, “Life Line”, “Romance”, “Get Out of My Head” - these and many other hits from all 14 albums of “Spleen” immediately after the release occupied the top lines of the music charts and became favorite songs of not only fans of the group, but also those who accidentally heard them. And they will all sound at a concert in the United States.

Musical performance "Cinderella"


The Moscow Theater Entreprise named after Spartak Mishulin and the FTI Agency present a musical performance for the whole Cinderella family.

The performances will be held in such cities of the USA:

This tale, staged by the famous director Robert Manukyan ("Hanuma", "Intimate Comedy", etc.), acquired a new sound. Beautiful scenery, beautiful costumes, talented play of actors and interactive games will not leave indifferent even the smallest discerning spectator.

The tale is very funny and funny, with songs and games. Wonderful music and songs written specially for this production by composer Mikhail Adamov will immerse the audience in the atmosphere of a miracle.

Without a doubt, the play will be of interest to both children and adults. Everyone will be able to find in him something for himself.

Rock opera "Juno and Avos" from the Alexei Rybnikov Theater

Photo courtesy of the tour organizers

In 2009, specially for showing at the Pierre Cardin Festival in Lacoste, Alexey Rybnikov and Andrey Voznesensky created the author's version of the rock opera “Juno and Avos”, the premiere of which was held with great success on July 3, 2009. Already for 10 years “Juno and Avos. Author's version ”successfully goes on the best stages of Russia and abroad.

Rock opera will come to such cities of the USA:

The new version of the opera combines the traditions of Russian sacred music, folklore, genres of mass "urban" music, with the composer's imaginative, ideological and aesthetic priorities.

The performance is filled with brilliant Moscow artists - stars of a new wave. In the role of Count Rezanov - Nikita Pozdnyakov. The role of Conchita is performed by Svetlana Bakaeva.

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