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Seven Secret Walmart Tricks That Make Us Spend More

Every time you go shopping and think you've stumbled upon a good deal, you're actually being manipulated a bit into thinking it is. While some of the offers are really good, there are many psychological tricks used in marketing to get you to spend. What money traps does Walmart use? GO Banking Rates.

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Big Walmart is a low-price leader for a reason—it knows how to price, sell, stock shelves, and make sure you leave the store feeling like you got the best deal on everything you came for, and even Bought a few items that I didn't really want.

Aroma of baking

Everyone loves the smell of delicious baked goods, from fresh bread to chocolate chip cookies. The smell of baking may attract you. Stores that have a bakery are more likely to attract shoppers for their delicious smells and the emotional connections they evoke, according to the American Bakers Association.

big cart

You think you're not that trusting - of course, just because you have a big shopping cart doesn't mean you'll buy more stuff.

The shopping carts at Walmart are larger than the average grocery store. While this may not encourage you to buy many things at once, when you walk past a product, you are likely to purchase more than if you were carrying a basket or a small cart.

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Daily low prices

What's wrong with low prices, you ask? Nothing, but while Walmart often has lower prices on many items than other stores, the company has developed a concept that builds customer loyalty known as "low prices every day."

You can expect certain low prices on items throughout the store, and the staff wants to make sure you don't forget that. Consumer protection experts say a single store can have up to 100 signs reminding shoppers of this fact. After a while, this message gets into your head and makes you keep coming back and buying more.

Featured items at the end

While each Walmart is a different size, according to 24/7 Wall Street, they range from 15-square-foot (000-sq.m) “express stores” to 1-square-foot (400 sq.m) “super centers.” So Walmart often places popular items at the back of the store, so shoppers browse more items on their way to what they need.

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Reverse price

Walmart might just put something up for sale, but instead calls a temporary discount on the item a "reverse price." The price will eventually return to its original, higher price, so you should buy the item while it's low.

Using the Action Alley

The store usually has a wide aisle that traverses a large area of ​​the entire store. There is usually a lot of stuff on display. The aisle is known as the "action alley" and has long been an important part of Walmart's marketing strategy. Chain stores tried to get rid of the alley in around 2008 and 2009 after customer feedback that the aisles were too cluttered. But when it did, sales dropped. Ultimately they were returned.

impulsive shopping

Walmart is notorious for stocking up on impulse purchases at checkouts, including candy, small toys, magazines, and other items.

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