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Seven everyday items that are cheaper to buy in a pharmacy than in a store

If you have 60 seconds and a smartphone, you can find the most advantageous offers in large pharmacy chains such as CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. Often it will cost you less than buying the same or similar products in stores, writes MoneyTalksNews.

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You can get cashback using the application Ibotta, which offers a refund for purchases in the largest pharmacy chains (and not only). If you sign up for the pharmacy loyalty programs you visit frequently, you’ll get even more benefits.

The combination of prices, coupons, in-store rewards and cash-back offers allows Christy Hardcastle - the owner of pharmacy discount sites Wild for wags и Wild For CVS - not pay a cent for some purchases in pharmacies.

“I regularly leave with things that cost me absolutely nothing,” she says.

The pursuit of discounts takes extra time, but you don’t have it? Then focus on the following products that can be profitably bought at pharmacies.

1. Cereals and breakfast cereals

Hardcastle says that every time you visit a pharmacy, there is a chance to find cereals there at good prices. Why? This is a relatively expensive product, therefore, discounted offers attract people.

Don't want to bother with a combination of discounts, coupons and rewards? If you live near the Aldi grocery store, just buy cereal there. This is one of the best places with the lowest prices for this food.

2. Shampoo and conditioner

You will always find shampoo and conditioner in pharmacies. These are two more stock and save products.

Combine the price with a coupon, bonus offer or cash discount, and you will get shampoo and conditioner at the pharmacy cheaper than anywhere else.

When thinking about coupons, note that CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens are some of the few retailers to summarize coupons. This means that you can use both the manufacturer’s coupon and the store’s coupon for a single product to increase savings.

3. Dairy products and eggs

Buying milk and eggs at the pharmacy will save you a minimum of $ 1 per product, says Hardcastle. Prices vary by region, but you will almost always get better prices on these products than in the store.

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4. Cosmetics

The pharmacies have a lot of great cosmetics. Spend some time on the Internet, and you will also find many profitable pharmacy offers.

Discount and promotion sites for pharmacies, such as Hardcastle projects, and general discount sites, such as The krazy coupon ladyusually help to get makeup almost for nothing. And you can find free manufacturer coupons for buying cosmetics online.

5. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

These products are constantly sold at the pharmacy and will cost much less with cashback coupons and offers or other rewards.

“I really can't remember the last time I paid for toothbrushes, toothpaste, or dental floss,” says Hardcastle.

Stock up on these items when you find them cheaper, much less free.

6. Branded diapers

You don't need coupons to find a great price for such a product. Pharmacy brand diapers tend to cost significantly less than popular brands, so stock up every time you go for other items. Hardcastle calls this an “amazing deal”.

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7. Sweetener

Another great product to buy at the pharmacy at great prices is a sweetener. Great offers can be found both for sweeteners and for various types of sugar and other non-synthetic sweeteners.

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