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Seven winter activities not to be missed

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Winter is associated all over the world with a large number of bright family holidays - Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day. Millions of people during this period exchange gifts and wishes.

Many Russian celebrities also decided to support this tradition and bring their concerts - romantic, incendiary, humorous - and motivational trainings to Russian-speaking residents of the United States as a gift.

We collected the best of them.


Photo: Lolita Official Website

Famous Russian singer Lolita Milyavskaya will visit the USA on a tour to present her big solo program “Lolita”.

She is explosive, unpredictable and does not hide that she has screwed her life in full. She is one of the most temperamental, burning and frank Russian stage performers. She is always what she is.

At concerts, guests will hear the long-beloved hits and new songs of the performer.

24 November - San Francisco;

25 November - Seattle;

26 November - Los Angeles;

29 November - Miami;

December 3 - New York.

Group "Disco Crash"

Photo: Official Website of the Accident Disco

At one time, their hits blew up all the danspols and hit with their audacity and hooliganism. Over time, the hooligans surprised and conquered the fans with unexpectedly heartfelt and romantic songs. It is unlikely that there are many people left in this world who did not dance a slow dance to their hit “If you want to stay.”

This is the secret of the success of the group, which has remained on the crest of the wave for more than 27 years: they know how to be incredibly different, each time remaining themselves.

At the cozy concert venues in the United States, these guys will bring you back to youth and give you the whole range of emotions: sadness, nostalgia, joy, and complete detachment.

December 1 - Los Angeles;

December 2 - San Francisco;

December 3 - Seattle;

December 6 - Salt Lake City;

December 8 - New York;

December 9 - Chicago;

December 10 - Miami

Boris Grebenshchikov and the group "Aquarium"

Photo: The official website of Boris Grebenshchikov

There is no need to represent the group "Aquarium" and Boris Grebenshchikov - artists have long become a legend far beyond the borders of Russia. Despite the fact that in the 2017 year, the group turned 45 years, it exists outside of time and borders.

The team decided to celebrate this significant date with a concert tour “Aquarium. 45 ”, in which will visit several US cities:

December 3 - Los Angeles;

December 5 - San Francisco;

December 6 - Seattle;

December 8 - Chicago;

December 10 - New York;

December 14 - Miami.

Vladimir Gerasichev training

Photo: from the personal archive of Vladimir Gerasichev

Vladimir Gerasichev's “Context” training is an intensive 3-day program aimed at increasing personal effectiveness.

Participants will receive a tool that is able to identify and adjust internal constraints and installations that prevent them from developing, building relationships and achieving goals. The training helps to learn to interact in a different way with others, forming better and more partnerships in your personal life and business.

The results of previous trainings speak for themselves: 85% of the participants admitted that they became more self-confident; 71% improved relationships with loved ones; 65% are happier; 61% - started their own business and increased their income.

The event will be held in two cities:

January 5-7 - New York;

January 12-14 - San Francisco.

Comedy Woman

Photo: Facebook / Comedy Woman and Love is

The first month of 2018 of the year, in addition to the damage to health and family budget, will bring with it pleasant surprises, in particular - a big tour of the best female humor show Comedy Woman.

On the stage, visitors will see Natalia Yeprikyan, Ekaterina Skulkina, Nadezhda Sysoyeva, Ekaterina Varnava, Maria Kravchenko and Marina Fedunkiv, who will compete in barbs against each other, as well as the male trio: Alexandra Gudkov, Oleg Vereshchagina and Yevgeny Borodenko.

As part of their American-Canadian tour, humorists will visit the following US cities:

5 January - Philadelphia;

6 January - New York;

12 January - Chicago;

13 January - Washington;

14 January - Miami;

20 January - San Francisco;

21 January - Los Angeles.

Stas Mikhailov

Photo: Official website of Stas Mikhailov

One of the most beloved and famous Russian artists, Stas Mikhailov, will present his new program “Best Day” in the USA.

A completely new, bright, truly warm program is filled with light, cheerful songs, under which, as the artist himself says, “you can sing and dance, leaving all your worries, just relax with your soul and get a charge of positive energy.” Also, concerts will delight listeners long-beloved hits.

As part of the tour, the singer will visit the following American cities:

13 January - Los Angeles;

14 January - San Francisco;

16 January - Chicago;

17 January - Miami;

20 January - Бостон;

21 January - New York.

Mumiy Troll Group

“Mumiy Troll” is always special, always relevant, music that penetrates right into the soul, texts full of meanings and innuendo, images and associations. “Mumiy Troll” concerts are always an explosion of emotions, aesthetic and musical delight. And your personal dearest memories. This is a special sound, light, scenography and concept - everything works for the idea.

As part of the tour, the group will visit:

7 February - Chicago;

10 February - New York;

11 February - Бостон;

12 February - Miami;

15 February - Seattle;

17 February - San Francisco;

18 February - Los Angeles.

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