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Seven little-known rules that apply at all American airports

Deal with the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA, Transportation Security Administration) - one of the most stressful “pleasures” during air travel. This body deals with the safety of all who travel in America, writes resource CheatSheet. This means that TSA officers check your documents, boarding tickets, look at your luggage and search you with metal detectors and scanners before allowing you to go to the safe area of ​​the airport.


We all know that the task of TSA is to ensure the safety of each of us. But still, sometimes we wonder why liquid cosmetics need to be transported in a volume of 3,4 ounces or less, or angry that you have to wait a long time in a long queue for inspection.

To experience the TSA experience was pleasant, and the security check was held fairly quickly, you need to follow certain rules. We all know them: present a document and a boarding pass to let you into the inspection area, take off your shoes, take out a laptop and liquids from a bag (which need to be transported in small containers and closed in a bag with a clasp).

But you probably don’t know that some TSA rules have exceptions. Some apply only in specific circumstances and to specific people, others are useful to everyone who knows about them. Below is a list of exceptions to the TSA rules that all US travelers need to know.

1. You can fly even if you forgot your ID

When you go to the airport, the only thing you shouldn't forget at home is your identification document - a passport or driver's license. The TSA is quite strict about document typeswhich you can pass inspection. However, there are several procedures that can allow you to fly, even if you have forgotten your passport at home, or if you have lost it and have not yet made a new one.


The TSA rules state that in the event that “if you arrive at the airport without a valid document, as he has stayed at home or has been lost, you may be allowed to fly”. A TSA officer will ask you to fill out a form in which you provide your name and address. They may ask additional questions to confirm your identity. If they can do this, you will be allowed to enter the search area.

Please note that in the absence of a document you may additionally be checked. TSA warns travelers that if your identity cannot be confirmed, including because of your unwillingness to provide additional data, you may be denied admission to the flight. In addition, TSA recommends arriving at least 2 hours earlier so that you have enough time for the entire inspection and boarding procedure.

2. You can take medications and necessary medical fluids in volumes of more than 100 ml (3,4 oz)

Everyone knows that only a quart (quarter of a gallon) of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes can be carried to the plane. Each substance must be in a container with a volume of 3,4 ounces (100 ml) or less, and if you have more volumes with you, you need to check in your luggage. But you might not know that TSA makes exceptions for people with disabilities and diseases.

If you take with you the necessary medical fluids, medications or supplies (for example, ice packs or IV fluid, pumps or syringes), you should write on these bags and show them to the TSA officer. You can carry these substances in containers more than 3,4 oz. You just have to put them out of the bag and scan. (It is not necessary to put them in a bag with a clasp). Gels and ice can be frozen or partially frozen. All items, including intravenous fluids, pumps and syringes, must be scanned.

The TSA website has more detailed information for travelers with various diseases or disabilities, including exceptions and procedures for these passengers, as well as those traveling with external medical devices, implants, means and devices for movement, prostheses and crutches, radioactive drugs and materials, respiratory equipment or guide animals.

3. Allowed to carry milk formula, breast milk and juice for babies and children.

TSA also makes some exceptions for traveling with children. For example, the rules for limiting the amount of liquids carried on board an aircraft do not apply to infant formula, breast milk and juice for infants and young children. You just need to inform the TSA officer that you carry these liquids with you and separate the containers with them from the rest. Women who express breastmilk can travel without children and have the right to carry breastmilk.

You are also allowed to carry ice bubbles, cooling bags, frozen gel bags, and other devices to cool milk, breastmilk, or juice. You can have teethers for the teeth filled with gel or liquid, as well as baby food in jars, canned foods or processed. Other children's items, including toys, bags, blankets, strollers, carrying and booster seats, must pass a safety check. photo

Children under the age of 12 may remain in shoes, light jackets and hats during inspection. But to pass the metal detector, you will need to remove the baby from the stroller and carry it through the frame on your hands. Children who go themselves can pass the metal detector separately from the parent or guardian. If your child has a disability, illness, or is using a medical device, be sure to inform the TSA officer. It is also recommended to call TSA Cares 72 hours before the flight, if you have questions or a request for help for a child with a disability, illness, or medical device.

4. You can carry liquids in containers larger than 3,4 ounces if they are purchased in duty free.

Another situation in which you can carry more than 3,4 ounces of liquids with you is if you arrive on an international flight and carry liquids purchased from a duty free shop with you. Fluids must be carried in a safe, tamper-resistant package that is sold at the store. When you show the package to a TSA officer, it should not be autopsy traces.

You will also need to show the original purchase receipt. The purchase time indicated on the check must not exceed the 48-hour period. If your fluid is contained in a container of a larger volume than 3,4 ounces, and you do not carry it in a package with an opening control, then you need to pass this capacity in the luggage. A package packed by you personally is not considered. In addition, the package can not be opened during the flight or at any other time before passing the inspection.

5. The military can undergo an expedited security check.

If you are a US Army soldier, check out special procedures TSA for the military. All military personnel, including reservists and national guardsmen, can undergo an accelerated security check at selected airports if they fly on certain airlines. This exception also applies to cadets and naval cadets from US military, naval and aviation schools.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to specify your identification number of the Ministry of Defense when booking a ticket. If family members younger than 12 are traveling with a military soldier, they can be inspected along with him. The military does not need to be in shape or go on a business trip to work in order to take advantage of the accelerated inspection procedure at the airport.

In addition, TSA offers assistance to the wounded military and veterans who may need it during the inspection. According to the organization, wounded and injured military and veterans can contact TSA Cares and ask for help with the passage of the inspection. They also recommend calling 72 hours before departure.

6. 75 aged passengers years and older can undergo an expedited inspection

TSA conducts an expedited inspection procedure. this category passengers. Management, according to representatives, aims to direct more resources to passengers who are more likely to be at risk. Older people can stay in shoes and light jackets during the passage of control.

However, if an alarm is triggered during the security check, these passengers may be required to take off their shoes for a more thorough inspection. They can also be searched. If necessary, these passengers can sit during the inspection. Those who can not stand during the passage of control, will be inspected by other methods of security checks.

7. TSA Precheck allows you to not stand in the usual queue for inspection, as well as remain in the shoes and jacket

Program TSA PreCheck can save a lot of time for people who travel frequently. A subscription to 5 years is $ 85, but its essence is that you have to stand in the queue for inspection only about 5 minutes. It takes only 5 minutes to submit an online application. Then you are scheduled to meet at one of the TSA 380 centers. You will need to spend about 10 minutes checking the origin and fingerprinting. After that, you enter your personal number in the ticket, and during the next flight you go through an expedited search. More than 180 airports and 19 airlines participate in this program.

Using the TSA control line Precheck at any of these airports, you do not have to take off your shoes, jacket or belt. You also do not need to take out a laptop or plastic bag with liquids from your bag. However, you still have to go through the frame or be searched using a scanner, and TSA officers can search your hands, devices for individual movement, equipment and external medical devices for explosives. Nevertheless, this program still saves you time and eliminates many troubles.

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