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Seven of the best US cruises to take in 2023

Can US cruises quench your thirst for travel at sea? An ever-growing group of travelers is saying yes with a resounding yes. In addition, it is much easier (and much cheaper) to find ports that you can drive to or only require a short flight. Most US cruises with calls to the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada have an added international charm. What cruises should you definitely go on in 2023, CNTraveler said.

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US Cruise Booking Tips

Where to Cruise in the United States

American companies such as UnCruise Adventures offer cruises to Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii. American Cruise Lines includes the coastal areas of the Southeast, Alaska, Puget Sound, and New England.

NLC America, a division of Norwegian Cruise Lines, introduces the US-flagged Pride of America around the Hawaiian Islands. Lindblad Expeditions' National Geographic Cruise Line has four ships that cruise along the coast of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Are there cruises that stay in the United States

Only American-flagged cruise lines are allowed to sail exclusively in United States waters. Most popular multi-ship cruise lines fly foreign flags and must comply with laws requiring at least one stop at a foreign port. That's why so many cruises near the US include Canada, the Caribbean, or Mexico. American-flagged cruise lines that can sail exclusively in US waters include American Cruise Lines, UnCruise Adventures, and Lindblad Expeditions.

What is the most popular cruise line in the US

Families favor Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International for their many generational amenities. Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruises are extremely popular cruises in US waters.

7 of the best US cruises for 2023

Celebrity Cruises: Journey to the Eastern Caribbean

The fourth ship in the line's revolutionary Edge series, the 3260-passenger Celebrity Ascent is making its first eight-night round-trip cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Florida in December 2023. This sun-drenched itinerary promises four captivating Caribbean ports including Philipsburg, St. Maarten and Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas and three blissful days on the sea.

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You'll want your days aboard this ship to never end as there's so much open space on the ship to soak up the fragrant Caribbean sun and gentle ocean breeze. The bustling casino and 32 eateries, bars and lounges are also big draws. Shore excursions, such as relaxing on powdery white sand beaches, snorkeling in turquoise waters teeming with colorful corals and tropical fish, are mesmerizing.

Departure December 3, 2023; cost - from $ 1299 per person.

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Cunard: Independence Day celebration on the iconic ship

What could be better than cruising along the coast of the United States and celebrating July 4th in Boston on the flagship Cunard Queen Mary 2 with 2691 passengers. It is very appropriate to walk along the historic Freedom Trail and take a tour of the Boston Tea Party Harbor.

The eight-day trip includes stops in Newport, Rhode Island (don't forget to take a look at the Gilded Age mansions), and Halifax, Canada, where passengers can stroll through breathtaking public gardens and enjoy an emotional moment contemplating the Titanic's only sun lounger. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Known for her transatlantic crossings, the Queen Mary 2 is a beautiful ship to call home. Elegance prevails on board with a formal evening dress code. Afternoon tea, a huge library, ballroom dancing and a planetarium are just some of the many onboard activities that attract passengers.

Departs June 30, 2023; cost - from $ 799 per person.

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Holland America Line: 10-Day Tour of the Mexican Riviera and the Sea of ​​Cortez

Experience the splendor of the Mexican Riviera by visiting ports such as Loreto and Mazatlán on a round trip from San Diego with 2650 passengers. Snorkel, jet ski or kayak in the pristine warm waters, see UNESCO World Heritage-listed pre-colonial rock art, or wander through museums dedicated to whales and archeology.

Other activities at the port include ziplining, golfing and agave spirits tasting. There are blues and rock and roll clubs aboard the ship that come alive after dark. You can look forward to a varied selection of dishes: New York-style pizza, oysters or juicy steaks.

Departure November 25, 2023; cost - from $ 849 per person.

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Norwegian Cruise Line: Belize, Mexico and Honduras

Some of the most popular ports for American cruises are in Florida. It is therefore very easy to take a seven-day round-trip flight from Miami aboard Norwegian Joy with 3804 passengers and get an adrenaline rush in three Central American countries: Mexico, Honduras and Belize.

In Roatana, Honduras, go on an eco-adventure interacting with capuchin monkeys and sloths, as well as hopping on an all-terrain buggy through incredibly lush jungle. Costa Maya (Mexico) beckons ocean lovers with scuba diving at the Mesoamerican Reef, the second largest reef in the world, teeming with marine life. Or maybe your passion lies in exploring the Mayan ruins in Tulum?

Enjoy 15 restaurants aboard the newly remodeled ship, including specialty restaurants such as Cagney's Steakhouse and three main restaurants, as well as nightclub parties. Drive a racing car on a two-level track or try your luck at the casino, enjoy Broadway and Vegas-style shows.

Multiple departures from March to April and from October to December 2023; cost - from $ 829 per person.

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Princess Cruises: Classic California Coast

Celebrate spring in California with a round-trip cruise from San Francisco, calling at ports like Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego and Ensenada (Mexico).

The cruise takes place on the 3560-passenger Royal Princess, the most enjoyable ship with a tranquil adults-only sanctuary and some inviting family entertainment such as upscale Broadway-style entertainment, an atrium, a glass-floored SeaWalk, and a light and water show.

In Santa Barbara, a noteworthy curated walk promises delicious food at a leading local restaurant, as well as a visit to a family farm and winery. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere at Universal Studios in Los Angeles or marvel at the stunning art collection and striking contemporary architecture at the Getty Center Museum. The San Diego Zoo is a must, as is the desert zipline in Baja, although driving a quad bike through the wine country of the Guadalupe Valley is pretty cool too.

Departure April 16, 2023; the cost is from $349 per person.

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Silversea: Nome, Alaska, Vancouver

Among cruises along the coast of the United States, the route around Alaska is a must. Go far beyond the typical ports of Alaska on this adrenaline-filled expedition aboard the 274-passenger Silver Wind. The ultra-luxury ice-class vessel spends 18 days exploring the real Alaska with a passionate expedition team of biologists and geologists. All passengers receive complimentary food and alcohol, butler service, shore excursions and expedition gear. Eco-friendly Primo caviar and accessories are also provided free of charge anytime, anywhere on board.

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Get ashore with expert guides for a hike in the Alaska Marine National Wildlife Refuge on St. Matthew Island. It is a paradise for bird lovers, home to murres, auklets and crested puffins. Note the Shinto shrine left in the harbor in the Aleutian Islands by the Japanese during World War II. Further exploration of the Aleutian Islands leads to stunning views such as pristine glaciers, petrified forests, hot springs and waterfalls.

Departure September 14, 2023; the cost is from $12 per person.

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Viking: Canada and the Atlantic Coast

Spring and autumn are the best times for 16-day cruises between Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA) and Toronto (Canada) on the 378-passenger expedition ship Viking Octantis. An enthusiastic expedition team, landings, excursions at each port, and kayaking await you.

As with other Viking ocean liners, XNUMX-hour room service, king-size beds, spacious bathrooms with underfloor heating. Complimentary wine and beer, as well as specialty restaurants, also feature prominently among the amenities included.

On the coast, you'll find a mix of charming cities like Quebec and New York and spectacular scenery. Cycle through Toronto, hike through Canada's La Mauricie National Park, go kayaking, or go birdwatching in Charleston. And who knows that there are over 300 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in the bays, streams and marshes around Charleston? Most likely, excursions will enchant you.

Departure April 13, September 15 and September 26, 2023; cost — from $10 per person.

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