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Seven pitfalls when applying for a green card based on marriage

A US citizen or lawful permanent resident may sponsor their spouse for a US green card. The beneficiary spouse can be located both in the United States and outside the country, writes Caribbean life.

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1. Incomplete forms

There are standard forms that you need to complete when applying for your spouse. An incorrectly completed form will result in the case being rejected. The form must be the current version. Recent forms can be found on the USCIS website. From time to time the government changes these forms. If you apply on an outdated form, USCIS will reject your application. All questions must be answered and the signature must be in the appropriate column.

2. Criminal records

Upon application, the beneficiary spouse will be required to provide biometrics or fingerprints. From the fingerprints, the authorities will be able to determine if the beneficiary has a criminal record. Any kind of criminal record can be a potential problem. If you have a previous criminal record, you should contact a lawyer when applying for a green card.

3. Inability to visit the office to submit biometric data

The beneficiary spouse is expected to visit Application Support Center USCISwhere will provide biometric information. The applicant is sent a notice, where the date and time of the interview are indicated. There are often problems here when the notification is not received, or the beneficiary is outside the US. It is very important to plan your time so that to come to this meeting.

4. Illegal entry into the US

If the beneficiary spouse entered the United States in violation of the rules, then this is a big problem. High chance of rejection. Please contact a lawyer before submitting documents.

5. Lack of sufficient financial support

The spouse applying must provide proof of financial support on Form I-864. The purpose of this test is to make sure that the immigrant will be able to receive financial support for several years. If the sponsor's income is low, then it is necessary to attract another sponsor.

6. Medical examination

The beneficiary spouse must undergo a medical examination to prove the absence of diseases that are unacceptable for the United States. Examinations are carried out by specially appointed immigration doctors. The doctor will complete Form I-693 and give it to you in a sealed envelope. You must then send an envelope to USCIS with your green card application. An open envelope will not be accepted for consideration.

7. Provide documents on good faith marriage

If you do not provide a list of documents that confirm that your marriage is in good faith, then you may be denied consideration of the application. These documents may include: birth certificates, U.S. entry documents, marriage and previous divorce certificates, if any, joint bank accounts, joint credit card, rental or mortgage documents, insurance policies, joint federal and state tax returns , joint utility bills, children's birth certificates, affidavits of at least two people who know the couple, photographs taken together.

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