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Seven Free Online AI Courses Already Started

Artificial intelligence has not just burst into our lives, it has already managed to take a fairly stable position there. And so that you keep up with the times and adapt to innovations, ForumDaily has prepared information about 7 online courses on AI in different directions, which today, April 28, began at prestigious universities. To get a certificate, you need to pay for training, however, if you just need knowledge and not a certificate, you can take these courses absolutely free of charge.

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1. Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (Milan Polytechnic Institute)

This course focuses on problems created, exacerbated or transformed by AI. It is designed to give students the opportunity to reflect on the ethical, social and cultural impacts of AI by focusing on the challenges faced by AI professionals, as well as citizens, institutions and societies. The course explores these topics through case studies and examples analyzed in light of the main ethical framework.

2. Innovations in Investment Technology: Artificial Intelligence (University of Michigan)

In this course, you will learn how technology has changed how we invest our money. You'll explore the evolution of AI-powered online asset management platforms, robo advisors, and learn how they work and why they're successful.

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Moving from investment strategies to neural networks, you will evaluate the ability of artificial intelligence to make investment decisions, as well as learn about the role of AI and machine learning in decision making.

3. The AI ​​Ladder: A Framework for Deploying AI in your Enterprise (IBM)

This course is designed for business and technical professionals involved in making strategic decisions to bring AI to enterprises. Using a conceptual model called the AI ​​Ladder, participants in this course will learn the requirements, terms, and concepts involved in successfully developing and deploying AI solutions in enterprises. After completing this course, you will be able to explain and describe each of the steps required to ensure success in creating and deploying artificial intelligence.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing (University of Virginia)

By harnessing the power of AI, businesses and marketers are seeing tremendous growth potential, and the opportunities to improve marketing with AI are constantly expanding.

From this course, you will learn an important frontier of digital transformation in marketing; Explore the three key forces that enable AI in marketing strategies (algorithms, networks, data) and gain a deeper understanding of how businesses across a wide range of industries can get the most out of this exciting technology. You'll see real-life examples of successful companies like Ford, Netflix, and the Washington Post using AI to beat the competition in new and creative ways, and hear from experts on how AI is shaping the present and future across industries.

5. AI, Business & the Future of Work (Lund University)

This course will help you understand and use AI so you can transform your organization to be more efficient, more sustainable and therefore innovative.

Whether you work in the public or private sector, in a large organization or in a small store, artificial intelligence is having an increasing impact on your business. Most organizations don't have a strategy for making AI work for them.

The instructor will guide you through the topics with short lectures, interviews and interactive exercises.

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6. Artificial Intelligence: An Overview (Milan Polytechnic Institute)

The course will provide a non-technical overview of the field of artificial intelligence. First, there will be a discussion of the birth of AI, the underlying ideas and preliminary goals will be named, the main shortcomings and ways to overcome them will be presented. You will then be briefed on the current state of AI in terms of goals, national importance and strategies. In addition, a taxonomy of AI topics will be outlined.

7. AI For Everyone (DeepLearning.AI)

This course will teach you the meaning of general AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science; what artificial intelligence really can and cannot do; how to identify opportunities for using AI to solve problems; what it's like to create projects in machine learning and data science; how to work with a team and build an AI strategy in your company; how to navigate the ethical and social discussions around artificial intelligence.

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