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Statistics: selfies become more dangerous than sharks

In 2015, fewer people suffered from shark attacks than from trying to make an original selfie.

Edition Mashable analyzed data on deaths from shark attacks and deaths as a result of an attempt to make extreme selfies. As a result, it turned out that this year twelve lovers of self-portraits died, while only eight people died from shark attacks all over the world.

It is noted that in most cases, death from a selfie is associated with unsafe locations, falls, dangerous objects and trains.

In addition, the publication notes that more and more tourists are risking their lives trying to make an original shot. In particular, fans of extreme sports are trying to take selfies with predatory animals - bears, crocodiles and bulls - while ignoring safety rules. As a result, the management of zoos and national parks was forced to increase security measures, as well as to ban selfies in some of them.

Previously, "Forum" опубликовал photo selection of eleven dangerous self made in different countries of the world.

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