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Flight secrets that only flight attendants know

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No one has more flight information than airline staff. Based on a survey of more than 80 airline employees, including flight attendants, landing gate agents, front desk employees and other airline-related individuals. Time 14 has collected flight secrets that most passengers don't know about.

Opening the door of the aircraft during the flight is impossible physically, however, for trying to do this you can be removed from the flight

Annette Long, a stewardess with 13 years of experience, said that despite opening the door for even the most physically strong person during the flight It is not possible, an attempt to do this will still lead to problems for the passenger.

Such experimenters are either detained during the flight and handed over to law enforcement agencies upon arrival at the airport, or the plane makes an emergency landing at the nearest airport in order to disembark this passenger.

According to Long, the decision about an emergency landing because of the rowdy passenger is made by the pilots and the main flight attendant.

Aircraft are not as clean as they might look.

Tables are the least hygienic surface on board an aircraft. According to flight attendants, people constantly change their diapers to their babies at these tables, and before the next flight, tables are not wiped very carefully.

Moreover, tables are often wiped with the same rag, that is, tables in the tail end of the aircraft are wiped with a rag, which has already absorbed all the dirt from the previous rows of the aircraft.

On the plane, many unsanitary incidents often occur, which passengers notice extremely rarely, especially often in the toilet.

“Just keep in mind when you go to the bathroom barefoot or in socks, it's not water on the floor,” Long said.

You can take electronic cigarettes on the flight, but the plane will not take off from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 aboard

Several explosive items have been prohibited from taking on board the aircraft in recent years, although some of them are only partially.

Although lithium-ion batteries in electronic cigarettes tend to ignite if damaged, portable electronic devices for smoking with battery power are permitted on airplanes if they are not used in flight.

However smartphone Galaxy Note 7 Is a completely different story. These devices are completely banned by the US Department of Transportation and will not be allowed on board aircraft flying from or to the US.

Do not drink water in the plane

Experienced flight attendants say that they have never seen in their entire work time that the water supply lines in airplanes are cleaned or changed.

“Flight attendants will not drink hot water on the plane. They will not drink plain coffee or tea, ”said one of the flight attendants.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), one out of every eight aircraft did not meet the standards of the water safety agency, and 15% of aircraft water supply systems tested contain potentially harmful bacteria.

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Flight attendants are not paid until the plane takes off

According to flight attendants, airlines pay them only for flight hours, while the time of embarkation or disembarkation of passengers is not paid.

“So, for example, your working day may be 12 hours, but you will only be paid 6 hours of work,” said one of the flight attendants.

This means that the work of the flight attendant is not as profitable as many believe.

Moreover, unions of flight attendants will not defend their rights if they are injured, trying to lift your bags on the shelves for hand luggage. And since they do not receive money during the landing period, you should not expect that they will risk their health in order to lift your bag.

You are more likely to avoid flight delays if you fly in the morning

A former customer service agent at the airport, Travis O'Neill, said that there is a pattern: the closer to the end of the day your departure time, the greater the chance that the flight will be delayed.

There is a specific reason why flight attendants ask you to open portholes.

“The windows must be open because in the event of an emergency landing, the flight attendants must assess the conditions outside before opening the emergency exit door. If she sees fire, deep water or rocks, it may be unsafe for passengers to use that exit, and the flight attendant must assess the situation fairly quickly, ”Long said.

Check in for the last flight to be the first to collect baggage.

The agent at the check-in desk, Thomas Lo Schiuto, said that luggage is loaded onto the plane using carts. The first part of this cart is loaded with the luggage of the first registered passengers - and so on until the end. Bags go to the plane in the same order, but they are unloaded in the opposite order. Therefore, passengers who checked in last for the flight will receive their luggage earlier than others. The best option to get your bag first after boarding is to check it in at the gate, but in this case you will not be able to pack any liquids or other items prohibited for carry-on luggage, as you will have to go through TSA control with this bag.

Do not abuse alcohol on board

“Some passengers bring alcohol that they have purchased earlier into the plane. The flight attendants always see these people and look after them, ”Long said.

She explained that passengers can drink their alcohol, but flight attendants make sure that they do not drink too much, because the greater the height and duration of the flight, there is more alcohol affects the passenger's brain.

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When deploying an emergency slide, you can pay tens of thousands of dollars

In 2014, the passenger China Eastern Airlines opened an emergency exit, which automatically led to the deployment of an emergency slide. According to him, he just wanted to quickly get out of the plane. The airline has claimed damage on 16 000 dollars.

In April 2017, the flight attendant United Airlines did the same trick, it cost the airline from 6 000 to 12 000 dollars, the challenge was only to repack the intact slide into a container. If you damage it, the amount may be much more.

You may have to sit next to the corpse during the flight.

Long says that no one officially dies during the flight, as flight attendants do not have the right to record the fact of death.

She admitted that there were no such cases in her practice and suggested that she would probably cover the dead person with a blanket.

It turns out that there is no single rule on the rules of the International Air Transport Association concerning how to deal with a corpse on board. It is advised to leave a dead passenger in a seat next to other passengers, transfer to first class or, if possible, be placed in a special compartment.

Some aircraft have dress codes.

Most US airlines will not be allowed to board a passenger without shoes. For a first class flight, the traveler must look presentable. For more information, check the website of the airlines you use most often.

Flight attendants of some airlines may use stun guns against passengers

The flight attendants of some airlines have stun guns that they are allowed to use for aggressive passengers if they endanger the lives of the crew or people on the plane, or threaten the safety of the flight as a whole.

Service is better at the rear of the aircraft

Passengers in the front of the aircraft have a wider choice of dishes and the ability to get out of the aircraft earlier, but maintenance in the rear is better. And the reason for this is very simple: all the things that a passenger can ask for are in the back of the cabin, and if a passenger needs an extra blanket, pillow or toothbrush, which are not so many in flight, then flight attendants usually have time to distribute everything to passengers sitting behind . In addition, on the way to the front of the aircraft with the order from the passenger of the cabin crew may distract several times other passengers, by whom it passes, so the thing will be delivered to the passenger much slower.

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