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Flight Secrets: Your flight reservation code can tell you a lot

You must admit that a flight is much more pleasant if you manage to upgrade the class of service for free. Often this seems impossible, but the travel expert told how using the reservation code in a plane ticket you can get this bonus and many others, writes Express.

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Flying in business or first class is much more desirable than traveling in economy class, and upgrading a service class is easier than it sounds., travel expert Amy Lee, shared her top tip on how to upgrade service to the highest level. The trick is to look carefully at what is written on your plane ticket, in particular the booking code.

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For flights in economy class, there are certain reservation codes. Tickets that allow you to upgrade your service class for free are either Y or B.

“This means that the ticket was purchased at full fare and you will receive a free upgrade if there are seats available in the higher class of service on the plane,” explained Amy Lee.

Travelers must request a class upgrade before they check-in. Then you need to check the status 24 hours before departure. Depending on the class, passengers can find out about service upgrades up to 100 hours before departure.

There are also reservation codes, the presence of which on your ticket will definitely not please you, since they can create problems.

For example, GTE means that more seats are sold on a flight than there are on an airplane (overbooked), and you do not have a seat. This information was released by a former employee of Air Canada. He decided that passengers should know this, and not get angry when the staff will be forced to get out and find ways for them in some way.

“If someone has a GTE on their boarding pass, it means they have no seat on the plane,” he said.


Another code that means bad news is SSSS.

According to the hacker website Life Hacker, the code stands for “Security Recheck”. This means that the person has been selected to undergo additional checks, whether at the front desk or later when checking the ID.

While this code may be random, there is still some suspicious passenger behavior that could lead to such a code appearing when booking. Among them: booking a “hot” flight or an international one-way flight; payment for the ticket in cash; travel to one of the high-risk countries.

This means that passengers will have to wait for more stringent safety checks when passing controls, including checking the electronics and scanning the entire body.


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