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There are now 5,7 million illegal immigrants in the care of the US government: Biden wants to provide them with housing and medical services

A record number of out-of-custody migrants being tracked by the federal agency (2,4 million more than before Joe Biden became president) was hidden in documents detailing the Release and Accountability Administration program. Reporting Management (RRM). Writes about this New York Post.

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is keeping tabs on the 5,7 million migrants in the United States that the Biden administration could soon provide free health care, food and even housing.

The plan would require service providers to join ICE's surveillance of migrants through ankle monitors, phone apps and in-person checks.

This initiative also aims to provide non-citizens with a number of other benefits at taxpayer expense.

The program, former ICE Director Tom Homan said, would cost billions and would effectively become a "welfare" program for immigrants not being detained awaiting trial.

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“RRM is simply an attempt by open border advocates to provide welfare benefits to six million people,” said a former ICE director.

An ICE question and answer form (RFI) released in September suggests that the RRM will “replace all ICE non-detention programs” and it will “apply to all non-detention cases.” The publication clarifies: “Currently, the number of persons not in custody is 5,7 million people.”

Those held by ICE for processing at the border or in facilities awaiting deportation are not included in this number.

Services for all RRM participants will include: “legal assistance; psychosocial services; therapeutic services; medical services; food and clothing banks; housing; information about public transport; information about parents; information about education; repatriation and reintegration services.”

“These services are designed to improve participants' compliance with immigration obligations through information, stabilization and support. Services will be provided based on the individual needs of each participant and may range from basic advice to intensive direct assistance,” the RFI said.

Homan criticized the program for providing legal assistance to migrants who cross the border.

“They are going to provide legal assistance to illegal immigrants at taxpayer expense to help them fight the government,” he noted. “All the services combined represent a massive giveaway that will cost billions of dollars.”

In fiscal year 2020, the number of migrants in ICE custody in the country was 3,26 million, rising to 2022 million by fiscal year 4,7, according to ICE.

When migrants arrive in the United States to seek asylum, most are required to regularly report to the ICE office where they are located. Others have a monitor on their leg or must register through an app with facial recognition.

In 2021, for every case manager, there were an average of 125 people to oversee.

In August, ICE sent out a request for information form to U.S. “service providers” to gauge their interest in participating in the government-funded program.

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The Biden administration is in the planning stages and has not yet rolled out the RRM program, but plans to send out a “request for proposals” to providers in fiscal year 2024, according to ICE's Q&A.

According to the RFI, RRM is intended to replace its “predecessor”, Alternative to Detention (ATD), introduced in 2004. The new initiative "will require additional funding" currently allocated to ATD.

ICE estimates that in fiscal year 2023, only 194 migrants are tracked using GPS or other technology under the ATD program, meaning millions of migrants are roaming the country without being tracked.

During Biden's presidency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has encountered record numbers of migrants. According to the department, in fiscal year 2022 alone, their number exceeded 2,76 million.

The Department of Homeland Security report noted that the government previously admitted that it had lost track of 177 migrants after they were released into the United States.

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