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'Now is her time, and she has something to say': what is known about Joe Biden's daughter

When President-elect Joe Biden takes the oath of office on January 20 and becomes the 46th President of the United States, his family will be with him on the steps of the Capitol. Who will support Biden, said the publication Dailymail.

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Jill Biden, his wife, with whom they have been together for 43 years, will be at the inauguration, she has been with him during the most violent and divisive campaign in the United States.

There will also be 50-year-old Hunter, Biden's only living son. In the past, he overcame addiction to alcohol and cocaine, and more than once got into scandals. He once forgot a laptop containing top-secret information about the White House, which nearly undermined his father's presidential prospects.

But next to Joe Biden will be a less recognizable woman. Ashley Biden, 39, the only child of Jill and Joe, is the new "first daughter" of the United States.

Ivanka Trump's place next to her father Donald over the past four years has broken the stereotype of "first daughters", putting her on a par with the position of the first lady.

Given that Jill is an outstanding teacher, and has no plans to give up her career, it is likely that Ashley will enter the world stage with her father after his inauguration.

One Washington insider said: “Until now, Ashley has not been in sight because she was never ready or willing to be in the spotlight. When Joe was vice president under Barack Obama, she had some problems, and she did not need extra attention. Now she is about to become the "first daughter" and will take the same important place in the new administration as Ivanka Trump in the previous one. "

“Ivanka had her own office, she traveled the world with her father, had a great influence on him, and also managed to conclude lucrative business deals. In a sense, Ivanka was her father's right hand. It will be the same with Ashley, ”said the insider.

Sad life story

Biden has a very sad life story - his first wife Neilia and their 13-month-old daughter Naomi died in a car accident shortly before Christmas 1972, leaving him as a single father of two boys, Hunter and Bo.

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Bo died of brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46, and Hunter struggled with addictions for a long time, he was even kicked out of the army for drug use. He also sparked outrage by having an affair with his late brother's wife.

These tragedies and disasters were mercilessly covered by the US media, so it's no surprise that Joe and Jill tried to keep their only child, Ashley, out of the limelight.

What is known about Ashley

She shares the social awareness and environmentalism that her parents support. As a child, she learned that the cosmetics brand Bonne Bell tested products on animals, and this upset her very much. Her father advised her to write a letter to the company asking them to change their policy, drawing attention to the problem of environmental protection, especially the conservation of dolphins.

She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a master's degree in social policy and practice, continuing her struggle to change the world for the better.

But sometimes society learned about her and not very good news.

"Ash is protected by her father like the apple of her eye, but she has had a lot of problems with addiction," one source said.

They first became known in 1999, when she was arrested for possession of marijuana. No criminal record was recorded. Then, in 2002, she was allegedly arrested for resisting a police officer.

Seven years later, in 2009, when her father was vice president in the Obama administration, a video circulated on American tabloids in which Ashley was allegedly sniffing cocaine. The New York Post reported that the owner was asking for $ 2 million for the video. The case was hushed up but never denied.

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For Ashley herself, 2010 seems to be a turning point in her rehabilitation. Beau introduced her to the man who would eventually become her husband, the plastic surgeon Dr. Howard Crane.

They married in 2012 at a cliff-top interfaith service in Big Sur, California, combining Dr. Crane's Jewish faith with Ashley's Catholicism.

For 15 years, the next US “first daughter” worked as a social worker in the Delaware Department of Child, Youth and Family Services, with a focus on foster care and mental health. Three years ago, she introduced her Passion Project, a line of sweatshirts with an arrow that pierced the heart, in memory of Bo.

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“He was my heart,” she said in 2015. - His cancer broke me. But I had no choice but to move forward, keep going, keep striving for my dream. "

It was during this period that she first hinted that she might want to take up civil service, saying: “My father has been a civil servant all his life; my mom was a public school teacher. It's in my DNA. "

However, it would be three more years before Ashley entered the political arena on behalf of her father. Earlier this year, she took the stage of the Democratic National Convention and told the assembled audience, “He will be like a rock, he will treat everyone with respect, no matter who you are or where you are from. He will love you with all his heart. He is a good man".

Now he is preparing for the presidency, and his daughter is preparing to take her place in US public life.

"The world is in for a surprise," said the insider. - She knows who she is and what she wants to achieve, she is a formidable force. For a long time she felt vulnerable and could not be in the spotlight, but now is her time, and she has something to say. She's been through a lot and it makes her empathize with others, so you can expect great work from her. ”

Joe Biden inauguration Educational program

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