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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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Turquoise, terracotta, coral: complex colors and shades in English

Using Resource Be a polyglot let's analyze the words and phrases to denote various colors and their shades. The purpose of this lesson is to make out certain colors that you may not have met before when learning English, as well as learn interesting idioms that include color names.

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Scarlet - bright red, scarlet; crimson, crimson

  • The brilliant masses of scarlet flowers of the Gulmohar are quite a sight in any setting. - Vivid armfuls of red flowers of a fiery tree - an impressive sight.

Crimson - Crimson; karmazin, dark red

  • The stone's value comes from its intense crimson color. - The value of a stone is determined by its rich dark red color.

Claret - Bordeaux color; dark red color

  • The light outside the windows changed, from bright golden sunlight to a deep claret. - The sunlight outside the golden-bright window changed into burgundy.

Cherry - cherry color, dark red

Maroon - maroon color

Terracotta - terracotta color (brown shade of red)

Ruby - bright red, ruby ​​color

Coral - Coral color

  • Cyclamen flower petals range in colors from pink to white, coral, red, purple. - The colors of the petals of alpine violets vary from pink to white, coral, red, purple.

Shocking pink - light crimson, hot pink

  • Flowers of shocking pink burst out of the canvas. - Bright pink flowers stand out on canvas.

Navy - dark blue color

  • He was wearing a navy sweater. - He was wearing a dark blue sweater.
  • Jean has beautiful navy eyes. “Gene has beautiful blue eyes.”

Sapphire - dark blue color of sapphire

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Turquoise - turquoise

  • These islands are blessed with exotic beauty of turquoise blue waters and sandy beaches. - These islands are endowed with the exotic beauty of turquoise waters and sandy beaches.

Emerald - emerald, bright green color

  • The sea glistened in shades of emerald - The sea shone in shades of emerald color.

Auburn - golden chestnut, reddish brown, reddish

Ginger - red, orange brown

Chestnut - chestnut color

  • Bestnut hair - brown hair

Mousy - “mouse” gray color

Jade - green, jade color

  • A silk blouse in a vivid jade green - Silk blouse in bright jade green

Idioms with color names:

To feel blue - sad, sad

  • Don't feel blue. Life is short, have some fun! - Do not be sad! Life is short, so have fun.

Until you are blue in the face - until blue, to exhaustion

  • You can tell her to clean her room until you are blue in the face, but she won't do it. “You can tell her to clean in her room until she turns blue, but she won't.”

A bolt from the blue - suddenly, like a bolt from the blue

  • Joe's return to Springfield was a bolt from the blue. - Joe's return to Springfield was unexpected.

To have a green thumb - have a talent for gardening

  • If you have a green thumb, why not provide lawn care for some of your neighbors? - If you have a talent for gardening, why not provide lawn care for some of your neighbors?

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To give the green light - allow, give green light to anyone

  • The council has given the green light for work to begin on the new shopping center. - The local council gave permission to begin the construction of a new shopping center.

To roll out the red carpet - very good to meet, treat the guest well

  • New York rolled out the red carpet for the astronauts. - New Yorkers warmly welcomed the astronauts.

The pink of perfection - the top of excellence

  • She was the very pink of perfection. - She was at the peak of perfection.

As black as thunder - be evil, be hostile

  • His face was as black as thunder. - He had an evil expression on his face.

Black sheep of the family - black sheep (in the family)

  • His relatives believe him to be the black sheep of the family.- Relatives consider him a black sheep in the family.

To tell a white lie - innocent lies, lies for salvation

  • I knew Jenny would be upset if she knew I didn't want to go to the movies with her tomorrow, so I just told her a white lie about having to visit my grandmother. “I knew that Jenny would be upset if she found out that I did not want to go to the cinema with her tomorrow, so I just told her that I needed to visit my grandmother.”

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