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Northeastern United States is experiencing extreme heat

On Thursday, June 27, in Philadelphia, Newark, New Jersey, New York LaGuardia Airport and the Chicago Midway International Airport for the second day in a row recorded temperature 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32,2 degrees Celsius). If the temperature does not fall on Friday 28 June, then it will officially be considered the first heat wave of the season, writes ABC News.

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In Kansas, 27 June became the first day of this year when temperatures reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32,2 degrees Celsius). This happened a month later than usual.

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In the northeast, the heat will last for several days before the temperature starts to fall on Sunday 30 June.

In addition, on the coming weekend (June 29-30) in the mid-west and the great plains will be even hotter. The authorities issued heat recommendations for five states in the great plains from South Dakota to Missouri. The temperature is expected to rise to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32,2 degrees Celsius), but due to high humidity it will feel like all 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius).

10 effective ways to escape the heat

You can save yourself from overheating not only with the help of an air conditioner. There are other useful methods to alleviate the suffering of the heat.

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From wearing cotton clothes to freezing hats - portal experts "New time" 10 called effective ways to escape from the hot weather.

  1. Wet your hair.Simply moisturizing your hair makes it easier to survive the heat. It is not necessary to wet the hair completely, you can slightly spray the water from the spray.
  2. Wear cotton clothes.Cotton is a simple, lightweight and breathable fabric that is not so hot. In summer, cotton should be both underwear and the rest of the clothes.
  3. Spray water on clothes. Just as on the hair, spray water from a spray bottle onto clothing.
  4. Wash hands and feet in cold water. When you feel hot, lower your arms and legs for 30-60 seconds in the water. For a while you will feel fresh.
  5. Sit on the ice pack. Take an ice pack, cover it with a towel and either sit on it or place it between your back and the wall of the chair.
  6. Do not cook in the oven. A hot frying pan or baking food in the oven raises the temperature in the kitchen and in the apartment as a whole. Try to cook with a minimum use of the plate, eat more salads and fruits.
  7. Suck on an ice cube. A little body cooling on a hot day can be achieved by sucking on small ice cubes.
  8. Make a homemade conditioner. If you like to do something with your own hands and you have extra time, try to design an air conditioner. Fill a deep bowl with ice cubes, so that the ice slides. Behind him, install the fan. Aim at the structure and feel the breath of cooled air.
  9. Close the blinds. About 30% heat enters the room with the light. If you want to cool the room, close the blinds or close the curtains.
  10. Freeze your hat. Before putting on a hat, cap or hat, put it in a freezer for a few hours. Her appearance will not deteriorate, and cooling will bring such an element of clothing.

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