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The most armed man on the planet: an American has collected a huge collection of ammunition

A very unusual man lives in Colorado. Mel Bernstein, nicknamed the Dragon, is considered one of the most armed people on the planet. His unusual story was told by the publication Big Picture.

Screenshot: YouTube / Hank Strange

Bernstein's personal collection contains more than three thousand weapons from different countries and eras. For his collection, the man created a museum on his own ranch in El Paso County. The exhibition is popular: the annual income of the museum exceeds half a million dollars.

According to "Wikipedia, Bernstein was born in New York into a Jewish family. He had a craving for arms since his youth. Once in the army, he fired from four anti-aircraft guns. He then moved to Colorado and began collecting a collection.

Mel joined the ranks of collectors back in 1982 when he moved to Colorado and opened a gun shop. He got the nickname Dragon because of his fire-breathing motorcycle. He formed the wings and head of a dragon from metal and fiberglass, and later modified the dragon's head to make its eyes glow and its head breathed fire. He drives it around his ranch. Because of such a motorcycle, the locals call Mela the Dragon Man.

Screenshot: YouTube / Hank Strange

Mel's museum is called Dragon Land. Only about 200 machine guns are exhibited there. Plus M1 Garands, 50-caliber machine guns, over 80 military vehicles, a 40-ton Russian T54 tank, six 1000-pound bombs, and more.

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“I don’t think anyone else has that many guns,” says Mel. "And they are all in working order."

To assess the condition of the cannons and keep them in working shape, Mel built a shooting range near the museum. He also has a large paintball court.

Screenshot: YouTube / Hank Strange

The collector divided his museum into halls. A separate hall is a separate country that the United States has fought with since the First World War. Here you can see both Japanese katanas and German anti-tank guns.

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The museum also has artillery pieces, grenades, ammunition, 80 military vehicles and several hundred uniformed dummies. The estimated total cost of the collection is $ XNUMX million.

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