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Black Friday stock chart in different stores: where and when to look for discounts

The phrase “an early bird gets a worm” has never been more correct than on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. During these crazy days, it’s not enough just to know what discounts await you, you need to be sure where and on what days.

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Edition GameSpot on the eve of Black Friday, I collected all the information you need - which stores offer discounts, when they begin to operate, and much more.

Please note: some stores did not indicate the exact time when their promotional offers take effect - only the date.

Best Buy

Most Best Buy deals will be available online starting in Thanksgiving morning and later (in 17: 00) in regular stores. Some offers are already active on the Best Buy website.

11 — November 20: Best Buy opens during 10 days doorbuster-purchases.

28 of November - 1 of December: all Black Friday offers will be available for purchase.

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Online offers start on Thanksgiving (time not yet known).

Best Buy Hours:

  • Thanksgiving, November 28, 17: 00 - 1: 00
  • Black Friday, November 29: 08: 00 - 22: 00
  • Saturday, November 30: 09: 00 - 22: 00
  • Sunday, December 1: 11: 00 - 20: 00


At GameStop, online discounts will begin on Wednesday, November 27, at 20: 00. Regular GameStop stores will start Thanksgiving discounts with 15: 00.

GameStop Hours:

  • Thanksgiving, November 28: 15: 00 - 22: 00
  • Black Friday, November 29: 07: 00 - 22: 00
  • Saturday, November 30: 10: 00 - 21: 00
  • Sunday, December 1: 11: 00 - 19: 00

GameStop discounts for Black Friday 2019 of the year have not yet been announced.


While Amazon has opened up a few (but growing in number) regular stores in the US, most Black Friday discounts will only be available on site. After all, Amazon is, first of all, an online store. He launched the sale of Happy HoliDeals November 1 with discounts in gaming, technology, entertainment and other categories. But starting November 22, more offers will be available on Amazon. That is, he will constantly offer discounts, so check back often.

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1 — 22 November: Happy HoliDeals stocks are available ahead of Black Friday.

From November 22: new discounts will be every day until Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and, possibly, the week after Cyber ​​Monday.


Target will have special offers for RedCard and Circle members on Wednesday before Black Friday. Online discounts will be available to everyone on Thanksgiving morning, and already in 17: 00 regular stores will open their doors.

November 27: The RedCard morning sale will last all day, with some offers for Circle members with 18: 00 (online only).

28 — 30 November: Black Friday and special offers.

Online offers will be available from Thanksgiving morning until November 30 while the product is in stock.

1 — 8 December: Offers for Cyber ​​Week (online only).

Target Hours:

  • Thanksgiving, November 28: 17: 00 - 1: 00
  • Black Friday, November 29: 7: 00 - 23: 00 (normal closing time)
  • Saturday, November 30: 8: 00 - 23: 00 (normal closing time).

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Walmart has not yet announced Black Friday discounts and store opening hours this year. In the past, discounts at regular stores operated with 18: 00 on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, from the end of October on the Walmart website there are early holiday offers.


Many Microsoft online offerings will be available on Thanksgiving morning. However, some discounts take effect a little earlier - on November 22, you can track them on the company's website.


While Amazon can serve as a source of online shopping for many people, Ebay continues to surprise us with great offers in the gaming industry on a regular basis, especially when it comes to discounts on new games. So be sure to keep an eye on Ebay during Black Friday this year.

Ebay hosts a series of Black Fridays - every month on the eve of the main event. Major discounts on Black Friday, November 29, have not yet been announced.


For gamers, selling Steam's Black Friday will be a huge opportunity to purchase games on their wish list at a discount. Unfortunately, Steam did not provide information about its early sales, and this, most likely, will not change.

But a few months ago, an information leak occurred, according to which Steam fall sales will begin on November 26 and last until December 3. This is a bit later than usual. But Black Friday is also later this year, so everything is logical.

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26 November - 3 December: Steam Autumn Sale


The Newegg online store is another great source for technology and gaming purchases throughout the year. The site stretched Black Friday for a month. Newegg decided to have a "black November", and not limit his offers to Thanksgiving weekends. So you can already find great discounts on gaming laptops, desktop computers, video cards, and more.

12 — November 18: discounts on PC hardware.

19 November: Black Friday pre-sale kicks off.

25 — 30 November: Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.


If you have a membership in Costco, this year you will find many offers on Black Friday. However, Costco stores will be closed on Thanksgiving. If you prefer to shop online, some discounts are already available, but some of the best deals will appear on the Costco website on Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Costco Hours:

  • Thanksgiving: Closed
  • Black Friday, November 29: 09: 00 - 20: 30 (may vary depending on the store).

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