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Where to rest well: developing tourist destinations

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1. Iceland
Iceland did a little work on its advertising campaign and became famous for its national football team, and the result was not long in coming - its tourism sector is actively developing, пишет CNN Money.

By ForumDaily Sergey Loiko describes the trip to this country: “In Iceland in ten days you can go around the whole island and enjoy the views of icebergs floating under the bridge under your feet, hear, see and feel the volcanoes seething under the lava surface, plunge into hot springs, see the sea of ​​a whale, enjoy the view of the blue sea of ​​lupines converting black volcanic sand into fertile soil, see the most powerful waterfalls in Europe and some of the most beautiful in the world, stand right at the mouth of an erupting geyser. " And advises go in July, and book a trip in winter.



2. Japan
The decline in the value of the Japanese yen led to the fact that Asian neighbors rushed into the country of Fujiyama. Income from foreign tourists in Japan increased by half last year. "The Japanese were surprised at their own success," says David Skausill of the World Travel and Tourism Council.

3. Mexico
The strengthening of the dollar leads more tourists to Mexico - over the past year, the Mexican peso has lost 13% against the US dollar. The Mexican government has also made a contribution - from 2010, tourists with a valid US visa can travel to Mexico.

4. New Zealand
Tourism is an ancient craft in the hobbit islands: Tourism New Zealand claims to be the oldest national tourism organization in the world. There is also a "Lord of the Rings effect" - 13% of all New Zealand visitors come to see the film's filming locations.

5. Qatar
Tourism in Qatar is supported by the growing popularity of the capital, Doha. It is rapidly becoming a regional hub, catching up with Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Qatari government is investing heavily in infrastructure - especially ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

6. Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is actively developing its own hotels and resorts in order to encourage the Saudis to rest at home. Most of the tourist income of the country are pilgrimages (including to Mecca) - 18 billion a year brings religious tourism.

7. Thailand
Despite the terrorist attacks in Bangkok last year, tourism in this country grew by almost 20%. This is a very high figure, given the number of people killed in the terrorist attack (22), according to a representative of the World Tourism and Travel Council. In his opinion, this was facilitated by improved security in tourist areas of Thailand.

8. Uganda
Uganda is once again becoming a popular safari destination, gradually recovering from decades of bloodshed and political instability. Wild tourism is developing in the country, including the popular “travel to the gorillas”.

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